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Mama Mili’s Teachings: A Short Story

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Introduction to Mama Mili

Mili got married to Dr. Henry seven years ago. Her husband had a massive heart attack when their daughter, Julie was only two. Mili was only a housewife while her husband was living. She did a good job inside their home, cooking, cleaning, washing and wiping, keeping the home environment spick and span as well as comfortable and cozy.

Pic: Mama Mili with Her Little Daughter, Julie

Pic: Mama Mili with Her Little Daughter, Julie

Problems Mili Faced

When her husband passed away, Mili had a lot to shoulder. She had to bear the expenses of her only daughter and maintenance of her car and home. She hardly knew the ways of the outside world because she was too confined inside her home.

What Did Mili Do to Make Her Family Thrive?

Mili initially took the job of a hairdresser. She got herself trained with a little of the legacy her husband left behind. The legacy would only last a few years, she figured. She had to work to educate Julie and cover other expenses as well. She also tried to be a good Mama to Julie.

Since she was a single mother, without a husband, she read books on parenting and how to cover up the loss of a father for Julie. She reflected and pondered for a few minutes every day the best ways to rear up Julie and on teaching her good courtesies, habits, and manners.

How Did Julie Transform?

By age 17, Julie was a beautiful girl with the best manners, modest and humble in her community. She absorbed all the values and ethics that her Mom imparted to her.

Mili further trained Julie on dating, sex, and marriage. Although no mother on this earth can train their daughters on every aspect fully, Mili tried her best and gave her all to Julie.

Pic: Grownup Julie, Mili's Daughter

Pic: Grownup Julie, Mili's Daughter

Where is Julie Destined for?

Julie would be leaving her Mom for university at age 18. She would study journalism, she decided, having a creative mind and the gift of talented writing.

By and by, when the time approached, Julie started to apply to universities and finally chose one. In two months, she would be open to the opportunities of the wide world. Yes, she would stick to the values and principles that her mother taught her.

How Did Julie Decide to Spend Her Time Before She Left for University?

Julie thought of helping her Mom with the household chores, getting groceries from the market, and any other important errands during the last two months she would be staying at home. She was immensely grateful to her mother for taking the trouble to raise her adequately with the best intentions. However, in those short months, she realized something about her.

What Did Julie Realize About Her Mom in Two Months?

The very habits and principles that she grabbed from her Mom were not a part of her. If Mili used a spoon to eat her dessert, she would use the same spoon to take more from the dessert bowl, something she objected to Julie all the time.

She realized her mother always trained her to think good and feel good. Yet Mili's thoughts reflected on obscene and dirty scenes for most of the time.

What Did Julie Conclude?

By and by, Julie realized she had absorbed all the good values and principles, taught by a mother who was not herself. Anyway, Julie thought, "Good for me!! I am a good girl in the family since I have been shown how to think good, feel good and behave well. Mom doesn’t have all that I have in me. She must have picked them up from all those educational books without learning them herself but imparting to me anyway for giving me the best upbringing.”

“It’s okay, Mom”, she further reflected.

Time to fly

Yes, the time Julie would leave her Mom and home arrived rather soon. She had her baggage all packed. A rented car would take her to the university on the outskirts of the city. It would be a completely new life, learning to do everything on her own. “It’s okay”, she said to herself, “I’ll manage.”

Julie’s Departure

The rented car came in. All her baggage was picked up. And Julie climbed in all by herself. Mili tried hard not to cry. Julie, on the other hand, was too excited to fly her wings. She waved at her Mom happily, and the car retreated to a further distance until she was out of sight.

"It's okay", Julie repeated to herself, "Mom is not herself, but I did learn a lot which I will keep on applying for the rest of my life while still learning more and more life has to teach me. I am sure I will learn a whole lot more from university life.”

How Was University Life for Julie?

Four years through university, Julie survived pain and pleasure, while learning a lot academically. Life was hard at times with a lot of tests and assignments. But she made it finally. She also got a boyfriend from her department, whom she dated regularly for three years. They had helped each other in times of trouble and with their academic lessons until they were deeply in love.

By the time they were graduating, the guy proposed to Julie, and she happily said, "Yes." It was decided they would marry after their graduation. Yes, it was all set and planned. They would also be on the lookout for appropriate jobs, matching their skillsets.


So, during four years at the university, Julie learned to deal with academic life. Life had still to educate her on the social front, which Julie would indeed pick up very well, having all the traits of a good girl, imparted to her by her dear Mom. “I will make it”, she asserted positively.

© 2019 Rosina S Khan

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