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Makeup: A Poem

Erin is a writer and content creator from Georgia, United States. She loves coffee, books, and puppies.


Why do we wear makeup like a mask,

To cover all our flaws,

Like it will erase failures from our past,

And make our future brighter,

Like our smiles aren't enough,

Unless our lips are the perfect color,

And every time we ask each other, "How are you?",

We recite, "Good.",

Even when we feel misunderstood,

How dare we show any true emotion,

When we can't even show our true face,

We have to cover it with the judgement of our society,

Because without it we don't feel pretty,

But it's pretty sad that we listen to those who judge,

Instead of those who love us,

For our hearts and souls and brains,

Instead of the latest lipstick shade,

And it's pretty ironic that we applaud those who go makeup free,

Like their courage is their beauty,

But we have to hide behind our foundation and our fear,

Of showing imperfection,

Because then maybe we'd really look human,

Just like everyone else.

by pure julia on unsplash

by pure julia on unsplash

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