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Magic Parrot.

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In a village, a boy lived with his mother. The boy used to live by hard work. His father had passed away. The boy was very fond of raising animals.
One day the boy was sitting on the roof when suddenly he saw a parrot.
He looked at the parrot and it came close to him. As if he wanted to befriend him. He easily caught the parrot and secured it in the cage. The next day when the boy was going to work, he Heard that someone has bewitched the king's daughter and she is very sick.

A magician was called for treatment and he said that his magic parrot had flown away. If it is found, it can save the life of the princess.
The king announced a handsome reward for the one who caught the parrot and also told him that the parrot was visible only in daylight.

The boy went home after finishing work and it was night. When he went upstairs to sleep after eating, he saw that his parrot was not in the cage. While the door of the cage was also closed. The boy was very sad. went.
When he woke up in the morning, he saw that the parrot was still in the cage.
He was very happy to see this. Suddenly he remembered the announcement that parrots are invisible at night.
He took the parrot with his mother to the palace. The magician, who was already with the princess, saw the boy and took his parrot from him and broke off one of its wings and attached it to a ball flower, and placed it on the princess's head.
Within a few days, the princess was freed from the spell.
The king made the boy rich as announced and also gave him a royal job. The boy and his mother lived happily ever after.