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Magic Does Not Exist


Magic does not exist. It just does not.

There are always logical explanations behind “magical” scenarios. The bird isn’t hovering in the air. The camera’s frame rate just happened to match the speed of its wings. The car isn’t floating above the ground; it’s just an optical illusion. The poker card didn’t disappear; the magician just hid it in his sleeves.

Likewise, the lights in my room didn’t switch off because I glanced at them. It switched off because it detected the motion of my eyes… or there was a blackout… in only my room. My water bottle didn’t slide across my dining table into my hands by itself; the table was wet… there was very little friction then. The expressway didn’t clear itself when I was running late driving 120km/hr; everybody just decided to be nice… and drove in another lane. I didn’t cause my professor’s computer to shut down because I forgot to do my assignment; his computer didn’t switch on because the IT guy didn’t fix it. Everything was just a coincidence.

Coincidences became a part of my life forever ago; everything was always going just the way I wanted. My boss gets sick when I didn’t feel like showing up for my shift. The restaurant I wanted to dine at is still open 2 hours after closing with all my favourite dishes already set up for me. I never got called to answer questions in class unless I knew the answers. But these were all just coincidences; it wasn’t like I was the one making those things happen.

A lady’s umbrella floated out of her hands and into mine because she didn’t grip on it hard enough. My results slip burned spontaneously in front of me because of the warm weather. I won multiple lotteries because of luck; I mean, how could I rig the lottery…right?

So that’s it, there is no such thing as magic. I don’t have magical powers. These are all just coincidences. It is also just a coincidence that my entire neighbourhood is now black and white. But I didn’t cause it. I didn’t start it. How could I? I didn’t go around painting every wall and person into varying shades of grey. It just happened.

It just happened.

It just happened. I did not cause it. It just happens to be another coincidence that my neighbourhood, only my neighbourhood went back in time to the 1970s just as I started writing my history paper.

It’s a coincidence, it’s just a coincidence. Magic doesn’t exist, and I certainly do not have magical powers. I don’t, I do not.

I… I need to lie down.

© 2021 Alison Lian

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