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MERMAIDS : The Pact Has Been Broken millions of years ago

Sudha madhuri dash is a published author of many novels. Along with photography she loves horse riding and practices odissi dance.



The Earth was young and vibrant then, just about unfurling its infant legs, not yet sure about its own beauty and influence. It was in those times that one day, a lonely ship landed on the great shore of the vast undivided ocean. A tall figure in its own suit of skin floated down the short flight of steps. The figure gave a squeal of delight as the soft golden sand brushed against his long and delicate toes. The tips glowed red as it absorbed the latent power of the sand. Crystals like diamonds formed around him as he absorbed more and more of the latent vibrancy of the Earth. His body soaked up the sun’s rays like a sponge; he was cold blooded and depended upon these hot glowing stars for energy and heat.

After he had, had his fill, his body glowed like the sun above him. Inorganic feeders like him often came and went in their saucer-shaped crafts, but this creature was different and he had come to procreate. Today, he was in a joyful mood; after all, he had a hearty fill of compounds that he had not sensed in many light years. He touched with a gentle hand, the large bubble-like sac on his back. The sac moved and vibrated under his long claw-tipped fingers. His womb was heavy with life and he knew it was time to let go. For many light years now, he had been searching and looking for a safe nursery to its occupants. With no predators around and with plenty of inorganic food, his offspring had a better chance of survival here, on this young planet. The cave was dark and damp, most suitable for what he had in mind. The creature strained with pain and almost twisted in half as he tore open the sac with his sharp claws. The eggs lay in a plasma ovule. Gently, he placed the ovule onto the wall of the cave. He lay a while bleeding. It took him many a days to recover from the birthing process, only to leave with a mission in his mind. He would come back, and soon. His ship swirled away into the clouds. He knew of a distant planet where life though still primitive, was evolving quite fast.

In the damp heat of the cave, the soft grey masses that were stuck to the walls were moving and shaking with a gentle rhythm of life. The crashing waves below had a rhythm of their own too and they seemed to be trying to reach up to these tiny flickers of life with a desperate hunger of loneliness. A storm raged upon the surface of the Earth. Lightning and thunder lashed across the skies, the rain came down with a heavy hand. On such a night, the eggs in the cave started hatching. The single-celled amoeba-like creatures that came out, faced the harsh unforgiving waves of the vast ocean.

The tiny masses of life began their struggle for survival. Evolution from here on, took a strange turn. It had a free hand here and did what suited it the most. Soon, the womb of the sea was no longer bereft of life. Hunters, predators and prey took their turns at evolving and adapting themselves. Hunters, became more cunning and hungry; predators grew large and strong while the prey became faster and swifter with bodies that were more streamlined. However, these cold-blooded creatures had been inorganic feeders in origin, but later their thirst for blood and flesh surpassed all and reached the peak of evolution.

The volcanoes had now cooled down and the sea gods had calmed down to some extent. The clear blue sky saw a flying object that seemed to float; then it came to a rest on the sandy shores of the vast ocean. The saucer-like aircraft was buzzing with life and energy. The visitor had come back. According to his own calculations, he had gone for just a short while and was keen to reach the cave. Excitement and joy bubbled in his large mirror-like eyes as he glided down to where the cave was. He stood at the edge of the cliff; his eyes now narrow slits of worry. He searched the whole length and breadth of the tall jagged peaks; worry clouded his face. The whole skyline seemed to have undergone a change...the swirling and thundering waves crashed where the cave had been. The visitor hurried back to his ship. This was his last plasma cycle and the very thought of losing all his offspring was heart-rending. His body had turned almost translucent and with each passing moment, he knew that he had lost everything that ever mattered. Though he was a hermaphrodite, yet he was now past his reproductive cycle.

He quickly switched on the soft green panel of his craft. In the submerged cave, the empty plasma sac was still stuck to the wall. This gave him some hope. That meant that the eggs had hatched. Then where did they go? By now, he knew that counting by earth years he had been away for a very, very long time. The sonar rays of his ship scanned the mighty ocean and he was shocked beyond beliefs. How could that be possible? He asked himself repeatedly. The barren, salty water was now the womb of new life. It exhibited varied life forms and traits. Collecting samples had not been easy. Each strand of life bore something that was similar to his in many ways. Evolution had taken turns here...and he had unknowingly played a contribution in its creation. As he continued to watch the screen...a huge shape suddenly emerged from the depths to engulf another. His progeny had evolved into killing machines.

He was heartbroken and shattered with the knowledge of having lost all that he had ever treasured; he wanted to leave, but could not. The strings of his heart were much stronger than his desire to leave. He felt the need to stay in order to maintain a balance among his creations. His delicate fingers floated across a lighted panel to release the hatch under the ship. His precious cargo was sitting and waiting. Nature itself could not have presented a greater variety than those that he released on that eventful day. These warm-blooded, organic feeders did not take much time to adapt themselves to this planet of abundance and wealth.

Time passed; the visitor sat at the helm of his a helping hand wherever necessary. A pair of mammals that he had released surprised him the most. Their amazing ability to mould and adapt surpassed all the others. Small and helpless at first they took to the time passed they started walking upright. They learnt to gather and hunt. Around this time, the great lizards ruled supreme. There was no escape from those terrible jaws. With the centuries passing by evolution took another great turn. The upright mammals now discovered a great source of food...the shores of the great blue ocean. The sodium-rich sea fare was not only easy to obtain but also more sustaining. The mineral-rich seafood brought about another twist in the course of evolution...the development of a superior brain. The upright mammals developed the power to short they were no longer animals anymore. The earth saw a terrible change...great balls of fire and lightning tore across the skies. The whole surface of the earth was on fire. The visitor escaped into the great depths of the ocean; his ship being amphibious, negotiated the blue depths easily. Even the ocean was swaying and rocking with the earth-shattering eruptions that were taking place on the land. The visitor found safety in a deep trench. He landed his ship on a shelf, firmly anchoring the small saucer for one last time. The tank of fuel was empty; he started to harness the gravitational force of the earth to keep it going. He created a force field around his ship to protect himself from the deep-sea predators. He used the precious metals from the seabed and forged a deadly trident that controlled the ‘g’ force of the Earth. The trident shone with an electrical energy that kept away anything that moved. His ship was now cold but the visitor somehow survived coming out from time to time to feed and admire the strength of his creation.

As for the life forms on the surface...most died and those that were cunning with more developed brain and understanding, knew that the only way to escape death was to hide. The pair of upright mammals that he had released was now quite adept, both on land and on water. They had bred and interbred and their numbers were no longer weak. The water near the edges bordering the mountain ranges was still bubbling; the warm water was encouraging a plethora of life to evolve. One figure stood knee-deep in this warmth. Its form bulky and muscled, it was more human than an ape. He was among those beings that were still evolving, for thick fur still clung to some places in his body, giving him a wild, almost ape-like, appearance. His strong form was bent as he strode the waves looking for his favourite food...sea urchin. His strong jaws easily could grind the spiny organism into bits, sucking out its juicy centre. He loved the ones that had eggs in them. His harpoon poised, he waited for the small spiny fish that he knew would come towards him attracted by the row of fur that ran down his strong thighs. His manhood hidden under the thick cover of fur, his broad shoulders and narrow waist would have made him a very attractive specimen-but in his case, it had not been so. His long shaggy hair was tied back with a strip of skin. He had already collected quite a catch for the day. Enough for him and his dog-like creature that he had found as a cub. He strode out of the water...he turned to throw a wary look at the mound of cinder and ashes that once, had been a jungle and his home. He had to be careful and move out before it was dark. Times were scarce and for the hungry, everything that moved was food. He ran a weary hand across his face as if trying to obliterate the pain that he still felt. One side of his face was seared to the bone. His burnt eye had fallen out; the gaping hole in his face had healed, yet the pain remained. He could still recollect that burning night, very clearly, even to this day. He had run to hide, but being the smallest and the weakest in the brood he had been outsmarted by the raging fire. Somehow having escaped death, he returned...his birth mother had cared for him for some time until others started to hate him. His family unit had abhorred him. He had been driven out by his own brothers. Survival had been difficult...not having hunted before, he lived off as a scavenger. That also became difficult, for food was extremely scarce. The predators would often outrun him, but death always gave him a miss. He had grown strong and now was a match for any danger, but had neither any mate nor a family to turn to. Patting the furry head next to him, he cautiously took the path that ran below the cliff line. The crashing sound of the waves below was thunderous and the path was narrow and slippery...yet safe.

He was about to enter a narrow cave when he stopped short to watch the slim, white form that was standing at the edge of the water. Its hands and feet were frail, weak, and glowing with a strange light. The creature looked up at him and nodded. They were no strangers to each other’s presence. The entrance to his cave was narrow. The cave though small was wide enough and comfortable for him. The floor was comfortably littered with bones, pieces of pelt and fish scales. The cave was longish and had a small rivulet of fresh water running across, then disappearing deep into the under belly of the cavern. A small pool had collected in one corner and there was enough water to last him for days. He got busy lighting up a small fire. He wanted to burn the fish before he ate them. They tasted better when cooked, than raw. A series of blood-chilling howls in the distance signalled that the dire wolves were out on the prowl. He patted his only friend, who whined and snuggled close to him. He always slept with his harpoon by his side.

It was on days like this when the sea had been stormy at night that he would find plenty of just needed to scavenge. He was looking among the debris of sea plants and weeds when a soft moan alerted him to something that was lying under a cover of sand and weed. Harpoon raised, he poked at the shape that moved a bit. He stood wondering as he had never seen anything like this before, at least not so close at hand. Her body was naked-there was no fur upon it. In the morning sun, her skin glowed with a bluish sheen. Her eyes were large, like pools of coal, with high-arched eyebrows. It was a female of her species-of that he had no doubt-for she looked like the females in his family unit; she had long dark hair and very fine features, unlike the flat-faced ones that he had came across. Her breasts were raised and rounded, unlike the large droopy and pendulous ones that he had seen among females. He, somehow, liked their small round form and wanted to touch them; her legs were slender and the toes extremely long, with skin growing between them. As he was looking at her, she too was looking at him, observing him and waiting for his next move...he stood wondering what to do. He could always eat her...most probably she would taste like fish. Then he saw blood on the sand around her. She was wounded, and that too badly. He tried to touch, but she gave a loud terrified moan and moved away from him. An open wound ran down from her shoulders to her waist.

She was heavy but he was strong; terrified, she thrashed about upon his shoulders for a while but weak due to blood loss, she went limp. Carrying her easily upon his strong shoulders, he took the narrow path on the ledge to his cave. She scrambled away from him, fear writ upon her face, as he lit the fire. She had seen creatures like him before but fire was new to her-she had always known it as something that fell from the skies. She felt afraid...the creature was ugly and had only one eye. She squealed out loudly as he came at her with a sharp piece of rock that was fashioned like a knife. He looked at the fear writ upon her face. Cutting her free, he moved away. She lay where he had left her; her eyes alert upon his every move. Singeing a fish upon the open flames, he threw it at her. She picked it up and sniffed; her fingers were long with skin in-between them and her nails curved at the edges giving her hand a claw-like appearance. She sniffed at the fish and then threw it back at him, hitting him in his bad eye. He yelped out loudly, while his loyal dog growled. She showed no reaction but slithered out of his way until she reached the tiny pool of water. He could hear her sliding into it and there she remained, refusing the raw fish that he threw in her direction. She was sleeping; he gently rubbed the fat into her wound. The bleeding had already stopped and the fat would prevent any infection and keep away the blowflies that could lay eggs in there. As she lay prone, he flicked back her long thick swathe of rough hair. He was surprised to see gills behind her ears...just like the fish he cooked and ate every day.

He did not intend to eat her now. He had liked the feel of her body when she had lain across his shoulders. He liked the feel of her skin under his palm, her body felt smooth and warm unlike the furry roughness of his own. Often at night when he was thirsty, she would not let him come near the pool. She would stand up with her back arched, and then draw her lips open in a snarl; her hands would curl up to lash out at him. He made soothing sounds, but all to no avail. These sounds always worked on his dog but why not on her.

Bloody fish, he thought to himself.

Should eat her then she will shut up for good, he smiled at his own thoughts.

She watched him smile and making strange sounds to himself. What a monkey! She thought aloud to herself.

What would he taste like? She wondered...she had never eaten a monkey before.

He looked at her making strange ticking sounds with her tongue, he liked eating tongues, especially those of the lizard-this one may taste better, and then she would stop making those stupid sounds.

She stepped back into the pool the monkey was again talking, that furry skin of his would make a warm wrap; she thought aloud to herself and smiled.

Growling like his dog, he left the cave to get a drink of fresh water and to pee. She would not let him pee on his corner stone. Miss Clean, he grumbled. As if the cave belonged to her, even his corner place where he passed his digested food had been covered with soil and she had thrown out all his bones and fish-scales. The cave looked so bare now and smelt different too- more like her than him. He would eat her tomorrow for sure.

She watched him leave and thought aloud, dirty monkey had no shame! Tried to pee in front of me...her people would never dream of disgracing themselves in this manner in front of a woman.

The night was stormy and he almost slipped on the ledge while peeing. Somehow clinging on for his life, he vowed, I will eat her tomorrow. The women in his tribe had always loved to watch a male pee. This one was acting funny. The cold drops were chilling; he ran back to the cave, cursing the female who was watching him silently. Shivering to the bone, he threw in a few more pieces of wood into the fire.

The furry animal was again muttering to himself, She grinded her sharp rows of serrated teeth. The sooner she ate him the better; she somehow liked her cave life and the small pool of fresh water that kept her skin moist. She did not want to go back. Life in the sea was not easy. They always moved...predators would tail them when they migrated to warmer waters. The pod had tried to take shelter in the caves inland where the river flowed, but had been attacked by those whom they had always feared. She had somehow escaped with her life. As the days passed, she healed and was soon able to come out from her cave. She often scoured the horizon in the hope of finding her kind, fearing the worst in her heart.

Now as she looked at him, he was searing the fish in the fire. She felt strange warmth spread within her...she could hear the sound of her heartbeat. This side of his face was fine and she liked his deep-set eyes- they were small pools of blue, just like her home.

The sky had cleared up, there was no food; the female was eating too much, he should throw her out or at best, cook and eat her. She looked at him- there goes the monkey mumbling and muttering again, she thought aloud to herself. The sounds that she was making were hardly any language at all...primitive fish, he thought to himself as he threw her a funny look. Then, he kept sharpening his stone-tipped harpoon and knife that he had fashioned from a large piece of volcanic rock. He was proud of his creations; especially of the red and green shiny stones that were embedded into them...they would shine brightly in the sunlight. He looked at her-she was sleeping now. The female had made a nest for herself near the pool-all the best corners in his cave taken by her. Strangely, instead of feeling angry, he somehow felt happy that she was doing so. He left, throwing one last glance at her. She watched him leave. The silence in the cave kept disturbing her. She had started to like the idea of having him around.


© 2022 sudha madhuri dash

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