Loving Can Hurt

Updated on September 21, 2017
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Deirdre who likes herself to be called Dre is currently a Senior in High School. She is Associate Editor of her school's weekly newsletter.

Her laugh could be heard across the hall where everyone made merry. Her lips wore a glossy red color and her eyes were closed as she laughed hard while she danced to the jazzy beats that resonated across the hall. There were hoots and laughter coming from every corner of the room. In the background the tempo of the jazz lifted and accordingly the swaying of the gathering’s dancing moves. Jane and her friend Martha were among the many youths that had come to the Tempest Hall for the Annual Dance. Jane and Martha walked back home still dazed by the unforgettable night. As they walked slowly under the hazy moonlit sky, both of the lass had contrasting thoughts running through their minds. Jane wished dearly for Jonathan to be present with her in that moment. She imagined the night dancing with him, holding on to his fingers and twirling around the floor and laughing the night away with him. The lasting smile on her lips suddenly took the form of a sad smile. He never could have been able to come to the dance, she thought. Moreover, Martha was accompanying her. As she began to dream of the days spent with Jonathan, she could feel her cheeks turning hot; she was blushing. If only he’d been there to hold her hand and take her on a long blissful walk that would have just made her night.

But suddenly Jane felt choking in her throat while her hands struggled to loosen the rope that had found a way to strangle her. She tried to scream but her voice couldn’t find a way to escape through the taut knot around her neck. She felt her body hit the wall with a jerk and found herself far out of reach from help in that dark corner of the lonely street. Jane felt her world black out around her as she lost her will to live. Martha stood behind her flinging the rope away that she’d just held on to. She kicked at the lifeless body of her friend. She realized how much she hated Jane; not because she was beautiful but because she held possession of something Martha dearly loved and she would never want to share it with anyone. The thought disgusted Martha.

Back at Jonathan’s place he relaxed on his couch watching the daily news desiring for Jane to be next to him with his arms wrapped around her shoulders. He sighed wishing he could go to the dance himself and spent the night with her but of course he couldn’t. The grandfather clock struck midnight as he heard his daughter come in. She looked flushed as she came and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and darted towards her room. Jonathan smiled to himself thinking she must’ve had a good time with one of those lads from college. He went to bed and drifted off to sleep dreaming of Jane. But on the other side of Jonathan’s room lay his daughter Martha, who slept peacefully thinking that from that day on she wouldn’t have to share her father with anyone else in the whole world.

© 2017 Deirdre Basumatary


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