Love's Many Sides

Updated on September 23, 2017
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Poetry is something that I loved to write for as long as I can remember, it is a way that I express my thoughts and feeling to the world.

Self Love

Love Hard

Love hard and live life
Give peace and grow twice
Leave hate and be nice
Find the road to happiness

Open eyes a take a look
Live life like an open book
Regain the love they took
Look within to find yourself

Love is the reflection of inner peace
Giving way to light within your heart
Showing what is true about yourself
Shining bright and ever true to you

Love hard and live life
Make sure its all right
Don't give away your light
Be true to you and free yourself

Love Myself

I love the way I walk
I love the way I talk
I love the way I feel
I love the way I'm real

I love the way I move
I love the way I groove
I love the way I touch
I love that I'm not rough

I love the way I sound
I love that I am round
I love the truth in me
I love that I can just be

I love myself some me
No matter how things go
No matter where I end up
I love myself some me

Love You For You

Let love be your guiding force
The thing that keeps you whole
The reason for your smile
The fact that you are a good soul

Love yourself for who you are
Live the life you want to live
But love the life you have
cause ain't nobody gonna love you like you

Great Love

Love Affair

We love though we know its wrong
too scare to pull away too afraid to let go
half our hearts with someone else
giving only bits and pieces of who we are

Secrets and shame is what we have
trying to get our lives back on track
trying to sever the ties that bind
wishing that we could go back

We belong to those not us
feeling guilt with each new touch
wanting to tell but mouths stay shut
holding out for one last knife cut

A Love To Remeber

There for me when the chips were down
you held my hand showed me how
to live a life that made me feel proud
and gave me a purpose, love, and sound

The beauty you have could not be compared
compassion and truth were the things that you shared
to those who needed it and to those who were scared
you are the love that I will always remember.

Love In The Time Of You

Love is a wondrous things that can bring people together
give light to the ones who need it the most
be a beacon of hope for those who are lost in the wild
and show you all that is out there for you to see

Love is the one thing that most everyone can feel
show the world that it is stronger than anything in the world
can be an instant thing that grows with no limits
and can fill up any thing that it is put into

Love The One And Only

The one and only thing that is worth the wait
the one and only thing that can make you stay
the one and only thing that can get you high
the one and only thing that can get you by


The one and only thing that can lift you up
the one and only thing that can be just enough
the one and only thing that can show you the way
the only and only thing that can make everything ok


The one and only thing that can drive you insane
the one and only thing that can take away your pain
the one and only thing that can make you want to smile
the one and only thing that can force you down the isle


The one and only thing that can make you sing with joy
the one and only thing that can play with you like a toy
the one and only thing that can make you want to scream
the one and only thing that can be just about anything




Rise up and be strong
Do what needs to be done right
Strength is in you now


You and me make we
We becomes more than three
Three makes family be


Love is a wonder
keeps me coming back for more
I need to have it

Follow You

I follow you now
You show me how to be me
You light me up now


Hard To Say Goodbye

Miss the way you talk to me
miss the sound of your voice
miss all the things we use to be
miss when we have real choice

everyday I look around
I hope that I see your face
but again your gone
and now I'm sad
cause I don't get to have you in this place

hard to say goodbye to one that I love
you were my rock, my flower, my dove
now I have to move on from this time
and find a new way to be me without you

Where Have You Gone

Where have you gone
the one that kept me in line
showed me how to shine
and gave me the best life

Where have you gone
the one that showed me the way
made me feel happiness everyday
and did all the things that I needed

Gone but never forgotten
missed but always remembered
you will be here in my heart
forever in my soul, and mind

Emotions Run High

Everything is crazy in the world of today
people crying, people dying, and still we stay
nothing is going the way it is suppose to
and we let the hate fuel the things we do

no one wants to change the way they think
we are want to be right with what we are doing
even if that means that we have to step on others
to get the sad, uneducated point across



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