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Love at my Age?

I'm interested in social issues, relationships, problems of daily living, jobs, exercise, poems and fiction, plus safer living conditions.

Lovely Lady


Summer in the Adirondack Mountains

Scott and Jerry were sitting on the front porch in late June at Jerry’s summer home in the Adirondack Mountains. They were drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Jerry was a handsome man for 67 years of age, with a slightly receding hairline, blue eyes and a great smile. Sctt lived across the street, and they had spent time together over the past 20 years during the summer.

Jerry’s wife had passed away from cancer five years earlier, and they had been married for 42 years. He had been a General in the US Navy, but this 6” tall, attractive man had retired.

Scott was an industrial engineer, became a confirmed bachelor after he was divorced at age 30. He keeps a shaved head due to hair loss, has a square chin, dark brown eyes, and he is, 5’10”, at 64 years of age. His friendship with Jerry began when he bought his summer home 15 years ago.

Scott said, “What have you been up to recently?”

“I am still building ships in bottles. I think being in the Navy never quite leaves you. I am involved in my church also. What have you been doing, besides working too many hours. “

“Not too much. I have been working a little less recently, and I will retire next year.”

Jerry asked, “I kind of meant what are you doing for relaxation or for fun?”

“I still get to some Yankee games. I’ll always love baseball and golfing. If you mean do I have a girlfriend, the answer is no. I do go to dinner with friends, but I don’t have any desire for a relationship.”

Jerry said, “I still miss Judy every single day, and I get lonely sometimes living alone. The children do not live near, so there are only occasional visits. I do have a nice group of friends, so I play golf too and eat out occasionally.”

“I don’t see how you can build those ships in bottles. As for loneliness, you may find another woman to love, ya know.”

“I’ll never find anyone like Judy, and I have been out on a couple of dates. As for my ships, I find it relaxing. You have to choose the right shaped bottle for the type of ship you want to build and be patient.”

Creative Ship in Bottle


Who is That?

Just then a woman was walking an active dog on the sidewalk in front of Jerry’s house, when the leash apparently got wrapped around her ankles. She fell and both men jumped up heading to the sidewalk to help her.

They saw this silver haired petite woman on the ground. Jerry almost yelled out, “Are you okay?”

Her sweet voice replied, “I think so.”

The men helped her up, and Jerry said, “Are you sure you didn’t break anything?”

“No, I am okay.” This beautiful lady had beautiful dark brown eyes, and both men immediately noticed her beauty.

“Why don’t you come up and sit on the porch.” said Scott.


“I haven’t seen you before,” said Jerry. “Do you live nearby?”

“Yes, actually I do.”

“What is your name?” asked Jerry. “I’m Jerry, and this is my friend Scott. I don’t think I’ve seen you before,” said Jerry.

“It is Jennifer, and I just came to these beautiful mountains this year.”

Scott had her dog on the leash, and it was some type of cute spaniel, “Do you want us to help you home, or at least walk with you to make sure you get home safely?”

“I would love that even though I do not think I am hurt. To be escorted home by two handsome men would be delightful.” Both men laughed.

They escorted Jennifer down the steps toward her home, as Jennifer only lived four doors down. When they reached her residence Jerry said, “Maybe I can check on you later as I would think you might be sore from your fall.”

“Sure, that would be nice,” Jennifer said. “Come early and have a cup of tea or coffee with me.”

The men left and walked back to Jerry’s porch. Scott laughingly said, “This may be your new love Jerry.”

“I don’t think so, but she is a beautiful woman. Plus, there is no more love for me at my age,” Jerry said with a scowl.

“Well Jerry, you never know. Life surprises us sometimes,” Scott chuckled.

“I need to mow my lawn before it gets too warm,” Jerry replied.

“Sure, I’ll see you later,” said Scott.

About 3 o’clock Jerry walked to Jennifer’s house, and tentatively knocked on her door

Jennifer answered the door smiling, wearing a beautiful, casual, blue dress. “Hi Jerry, Why don’t you come in and drink a cup of tea or coffee with me. I made some cherry scones early this morning, and you are welcome to try one.”

“That sounds delicious, and I would love a cup of coffee.” They sat at her small kitchen table and talked.

“So Jennifer, where are you from?”

“I am from Virginia Beach, VA, but I love to spend the summer in the mountains. This is my first time staying by Lake Mirror. It sure is beautiful here.”

“I have been coming here for many years. My wife and I bought this house a long time ago, and I still enjoy my summers here.”

“I didn’t know you had a wife.”

“Uh, no, no, I don’t. My wife passed away 5 years ago.”

Jennifer replied, “I am sorry to hear that. My husband passed away about 8 years ago, and life is not quite the same after that.”

“I agree. It is quite an adjustment. I know the only choice is to just keep living a day at a time, but it can be lonely.”

“It sure is, and I find it is important to do other things to fill up your time. I do volunteer work at Hospice Care, am active in my church, and I am in a book reading club with friends.”

“I don’t know if there is a better cause than Hospice, as they are so supportive”

Jennifer suspected that Jerry’s wife must have died of cancer, but she did not want to pry.

Jerry said, “There is a nice little restaurant close to here. Would you like to go out to eat tonight?”

“Yes, that would be nice. I don’t know my way around here very well yet.”

Jerry and Jennifer enjoyed their dinner and the easy conversation between them. Their conversation covered numerous topics.

It wasn’t long before they were spending some time together most days, and Jerry was happier than he had been in a long time. He wasn’t sure about love, but he was completely infatuated with Jennifer.

Summer’s End

They were taking a drive through the mountains on Labor Day looking at the beautiful mountain scenery, and Jennifer was very quiet.

“You are so quiet today Jennifer?” Jerry asked.

“Well Jerry, we have been spending a lot of time together throughout this summer, and it is almost time to leave for home. I wonder, will we see each other again?”

Jerry was quiet for a few minutes, and finally he said, “I want to continue to see you, I live by Fort Meade, which is not too far from you. I believe I am falling in love with you Jennifer, and I didn’t think I would ever love anyone after my wife passed away.”

“I am falling for you too Jerry. This is the best summer I have had in a long time.”

Jerry pulled the car over at the next viewing site, then, he pulled Jennifer closer and kissed her. “Jennifer, we will see a lot more of each other and maybe we can spend the years we have left on this earth together.”

Jennifer just smiled and kissed Jerry again as her arms wrapped around him.

It just took these simple statements to set their future together.

I Will Be Here

© 2019 Pamela Oglesby

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