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Love and Its Realistic Visions

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The false loves: the deception

"It's hard to forget someone you've imagined spending the rest of your life with"

For someone whose imagination is always on, it is easy to fall in love. These people go the extra mile to keep their feet on the ground. They are the dreamers, who have an excessive optimism in romantic love, until they reach naivety, which they leave encapsulated in their home, when they go out into the world.

They try by all means not to fall into traps, deceit and false love. But even so, sometimes, they fall into the nets of false love.
-My love, I love you!- Says a man to a girl in love.
"I love you too!" she replies.

They meet in cinemas, parks and events, they know each other, or so she thinks.
It turns out that the man is married with three children, she finds out, and ends the relationship immediately. The guy was a cheat.
Another example of false love:
-You are the love of my life, since I saw you, I fell in love with you- says a girl to a boy.

-Me too, you caught my heart, when I saw you- replies the excited young man.
Shortly after, he finds out that she is unfaithful to him with another and obviously, he cuts off the courtship relationship. She apparently was an adventurous girl, who had many affairs.

Meanwhile, these deceitful people leave hearts broken, for some time. And in that period, the illusions in their victims are broken; thoughts that weaved stories for the future.

After the false is broken, the soul is renewed for the deceived, and they are ready to receive real love. But this time, they will take precautions not to fall into the same thing: being deceived.
The human being is vulnerable to making mistakes, but at the beginning of a love relationship it is unforgivable, you cannot start something that is already false, only the real prevails.

Although everything looks positive at the beginning, another story will resurface in the future: good or bad, if the coexistence is positive between both spouses, it will be good and if it is negative, it will be bad, because our actions define the paths of life. .

Let's try not to fall into the nets of false love, even if everything looks rosy. Let's investigate that human being, first. On the other hand, let us examine our feelings carefully, asking ourselves if we are really willing to share our life with that person and if he will fulfill our expectations of love as a couple.


True love: the couple

True love is the only wealth that is not bought or sold. It is given to those who deserve it, and it is taken away from those who do not value it.
If you are looking for true love, give up the mediocre loves you find.

From the courtship or pre-marital relationship or union of a couple, it must be detected if both are compatible for coexistence. If some interests differ, but others agree, the couple can be happy, giving each of the parties, from time to time, in their preferences, in pursuit of the relationship.

The opposite poles should not be together, because they will be unhappy. One pulls the rope on the right side and the other pulls on the left side. One likes one thing and the other another. They constantly fight, they always differ in opinions. The values ​​of one are not those of the other. When both are alone, they don't feel comfortable, because they remember the misunderstandings and fights of everyday life. And worst of all: if they have children, they suffer the daily confrontations of their parents, be it verbal or physical violence, the latter being, the worst.

-Juana let's go to the beach- says Pedro
-Re crazy? You know very well that I hate the beach. We better go to the river-replies Juana.
- Crazy you are, if you think that I will go to a river. I hate rivers! - answers Pedro.
Juana begins to hit Pedro in the face with her fists.
Since Pedro is physically stronger, he grabs her arms, but by doing so unintentionally, he hurts her.
-You hurt me!-says Juana angrily.
Juana is a violent woman, and Pedro always has to put up with her physical violence.

It is known that the general trend of violence is predominant in men, but to a lesser extent, there are also violent women. In many cases when the man is violent, the woman is not. And if the woman is the violent one, the man endures and does not attack her in response.

The motive of peaceful human beings?
It has a lot to do with the good values ​​in which men and women were educated. Their parents always told them: “You don't hit women” “You must respect men, so that we are also respected” And they always saw respect between their parents. For this reason, when they were adults they became respectful people with their partner.

The rise of violence

Other boys and girls saw when her mother was attacked by her father or her father attacked by her mother. The time came when it was established in his mind as a natural fact that the man can hit his partner or vice versa. That is why when they are adults, the same pattern can be repeated. You should initially seek professional help such as couples therapy, if there is love. But everything has a limit, if the violent person continues in his attitude, the best thing is separation, to avoid bad events.

-Luisa, with the money we obtained in our company, we are going to invest in shares of company b- says Ernesto to Luisa.
-It doesn't look good to me. We have already invested enough. I need to buy certain things for the house and clothes for the children- Luisa answers.
-I do not think so. What I say will be done, I have more knowledge than you in this. We will invest- argues Ernesto.

Luisa gets very angry, and starts yelling at him.
-I'm tired of the same, you want to do what you want!
Ernesto loses control of her and grabs her by the neck, almost suffocating her.
In those moments, their son, a teenager, intervenes and prevents the event from reaching greater consequences.

Another day when neither of their children is at home, Ernesto hits Luisa, giving her a black eye and a broken nose. She does not accuse him, because she thinks he can change, and so their lives continue.
It is also not recommended that violent people be a couple, because it would be catastrophic, it already has been, due to the unfortunate events that have occurred in the world, when both are fatally injured, because when they get angry, they are like two atomic bombs about to explode.

Get to know and investigate the person with whom you are just getting to know. Do not compromise your feelings with anyone, until you know if he could be happy with you, in the future. The coexistence of a couple must always be oriented towards understanding, peace and the solution of any conflict, but above all in love, which is the light of the relationship, as each one knows when to lay down their interests in pursuit of a positive relationship. and harmonious of both reciprocally.

The Bible tells us in Galatians that certain sinful actions are strong reasons for separation or divorce, among these behaviors are mentioned:
violence: jealousy, anger, fights, immorality and envy between spouses.
And in Corinthians true love is exalted with the following:
"Love is patient, love is kind. Love is not envious or boastful or proud. It is not rude, it is not selfish, it is not easily angered, it does not hold a grudge."

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