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Love Songs and Bullets

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.



Mary was a singer, well an aspiring one that is. She often got gigs in bars and restaurants and tried her luck in voicing a few songs but it never materialized into anything fruitful. She had the strength of a bear and the determination of a panther. She saw her dreams and she went forward despite all the setbacks. Whenever she was not doing her singing gigs, she was busting tables at Stinky Frank’s Burgers. She was a struggling girl who the town loved and admired. She made a lot of bad decisions in her life, such as leaving her parents’ home at a tender age of sixteen and went to live with a bum who was twenty one at the time.

She got pregnant when she was seventeen and had to find a job immediately after having a baby girl as the bum who said he loved her got two other girls pregnant and eventually skipped town and ran away from his responsibilities. The last anyone heard about him was that he did a Bank job upstate and shot a security guard who died. He is doing life in prison. Mary’s father was no help to her as his entire life was spent in the bottle. Her mother loved her but she was very sickly as she was suffering from lupus. She did not work and she started counting down her days left to walk the Earth.

One day as she was doing her regular waitress work, she was there singing one of her sweet love songs and just mesmerizing the patrons whom seemed to be dazzled by her angelic voice. One woman even asked her what the hell she was doing busting tables with such talent. Mary sighed, shook her head and simply replied, “I Tried.” Then a voice said, “Maybe you haven’t tried hard enough.” A man walked up to her and handed her a card. His name was Donovan Flint. He was a Talent Finder in New York and was travelling across state for business, stopped at Stinky Franks Burgers and fell in love with Mary’s voice.

“Tell you what, there is a talent show going on in New York next week. I will personally get you on that platform. There are a lot of music moguls there and I am sure somebody will grab hold of you and put that good voice to make some money.” This was the kind of break Mary wanted. She knew once he got to sing for the right people she would make it.

Love songs

Love songs


She hopped on the train and headed to New York that day for the Contest. She met up with Big Pop and he showed her the ropes and got her registered. She was contestant number 32 out of 1000 people. She was lucky that Big Pop had his connections a she would have probably gotten number 1000 since she was the last one to arrive. There were thousands of spectators all enthused to see who had talent and who should stick to their 9-5. She saw music moguls such as Norah Jones, 50 Cents, Lady Gaga, DJ Khaled and more. Mary’s heart rate had doubled. She needed to calm down if she wanted to put out her best and make the most memorable performance. She stepped out of the building just to catch some air, light a joint and get her act together. Then to her surprise, she came face to face with the father of her child who is supposed to be in Prison serving life for robbery and murder.

“Billy, Billy is….Is that you? I thought you were in prison?”

“Oh hi….Errr”

“Mary, Mary is my name Billy. Gosh. They said you killed a guy and was thrown in prison. How comes you are out here?”

“Well, I got out of prison on good terms Mary. I am a changed man. How is my little son, is he Ok?”

“Your little DAUGHTER is ok. She has a strong mother who will always be there for her. Pity her father wasn’t such a god damn looser who ran away from loving her. She is fine, just fine without a scum like you.”

“Hey hey, watch what you say to me eh mamma!”

“Watch what I say, watch what I SAY!”

“You worthless piece of shit. You walk out of your daughter’s life and now you are telling me to watch what I say?”

“Didn’t you see I was locked up, huh? Did you see me walking on the streets handing out cotton candy and hugging kids? My freedom was taken away by the pigs.”

“Good, probably that is the right place for you to be. Good bye Billy”

“No no no no Mary. Look, I am sorry. I am just frustrated you know, I got parole and I just can’t get a job. All I ever did was think about you and my daughter when I was incarcerated. Thinking that my family I love is somewhere out there not loving me. The pain I suffered, the thoughts haunted my mind every single day the cell slammed shut. I want us to be together again, I want back my family.”

“They must have been feeding your brain a hallucinogen when you were in Prison Billy. Because all of THIS is not heading n any direction you are going. I have dreams, I have a life that is probably looking up now. My daughter is better off not knowing you. Good bye Billy.”

“You stinking bitch. You unforgiving slut. I poured out my heart to you and all you can say to me is goodbye. I hope you and that kid of yours drive off a cliff and drown in a river. Bitch”



Blood Came

Then two police cars with siren came blazing around the corner. Billy started to panic as Mary stood there wondering what the heck was going on. Billy then grabbed her from behind and held a gun to her head. The police swarmed down on him, flied out there cars with guns drawn. They were after an escape convict and someone tipped them that a man standing on the street corner fitted the description perfectly of the convict who had escaped lock up. The police started to give the fugitive instructions through the speaker.

“Let go of the hostage, throw the gun on the floor, and place your hands in the air.”

“Fuck you pigs, I am walking out of here today. You better get me a chopper or this stupid brunette gets to see her maker.”

“A Chopper? Who does this guy think her is? The police remarked.

“Ok, Billy. What else would you like, Stuffed crust pizza and a red stipe beer? You aren’t getting a chopper. You are an escaped convict and if we have to, we will shoot that girl and then shoot you Billy.”

“Wait, what? You guys are cops. You don’t shoot innocent people?

“Oh Yeah, have you ever heard of “Black Lives Matter? Well, when we are through, they may have one called “Fugitive Lives Matter” Boy. Now let go off the girl, drop the gun and hands in the air.”

Billy held on to Mary and shimmered his way behind a low concrete fence which he ducked behind.

“We will make a stand off here Mary.” Said Billy.

“We, we? What the fuck, let me go you dog shit and go kill yourself.”

“That’s not the way to speak to your future husband now is it?”

Billy held her down, punched her in the stomach and fired one shot in the direction of the cops. Then hell broke loose as a barrage of gunshots rained down on the fugitive and his hostage. Mary could hear the bullets ricochet off the wall and was terrified. She started to panic and the only thing that could keep her heart from busting through her chest was to sing a love song in her head. Billy started cursing, he stood up and shouted, “Fuck you stinking Pigs!” and started firing wildly. The police found joy in this as they held nothing back in pumping an assorted array of ammunition in is body. Pieces of his head could be seen taking flight as a shotgun ripped open his skull and dashed out is puny brain which ended up in Mary’s lap. Billy was ripped to shreds. The police all shouted “Yeah!” touched fist and kissed their guns. Mary’s body was soaking with blood from Billy. She stood up and gingerly walked down the street to the building hosting the contest.

It was her time to perform as her number had just been called. She walked on stage and the entire room was as still as a room visited by Lucifer. She stood there eyes wide open looking like Carey. A man moved to the exit and notched the door thinking that weird shit would soon start happening. Then she opened her mouth and the silence of shock turned into silence of listening and amazement. Mary did it. She was discovered. She and her daughter lived happily ever after.

© 2018 Clive Williams

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