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Love On Their Minds

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


They always danced,

with love on their minds,

always one holding on to the other –

as if letting go meant saying good-bye.

Crowded dance floors,

seemed to melt away,

when in dim lights,

they held each other tight.

Dancing far into the night,

sometimes as long as the early morning light,

they danced as if life depended on it –

danced with love on their minds.

Day were plain and ordinary,

it was the nighttime that made them come alive.

Soon friend knew,

that if they couldn’t be found,

they were on a dance floor somewhere –

dancing with love on their minds.

Soon it was incredible,

that he took it all for granted,

she was his to have and to hold –

dancing through the nights.

There was something suddenly lacking,

a passion that his heart sought,

one that he couldn’t understand,

even when they were dancing –

with love on their minds.

One night at their table,

he waited for her to come,

when a whisper said into this ear –

I’m attracted to your dancing.

Startled he looked up,

at a woman he’d never seen before,

and for some reason –

passion flared.

So he took her onto the dance floor,

thinking it would be alright,

to try to understand this need,

without the woman,

he professed to love so much.

Soon he was lost,

in this woman’s spell,

dancing as he had not danced,

for a long time now.

When the dance was done,

he looked up as if from a spell,

his heart beating fast

and saw here at the edge of the floor.

It was then that he suddenly knew,

that the only kind of dancing he wanted,

was the dancing he did with his love,

when they melted into one another

and danced with love on their minds.

But as he approached he saw,

there were tears in her eyes,

he had betrayed her with this dance

and head down he held out his hand.

She took his hand,

they went onto the dance floor,

but that magic,

that love was now not there,

no longer could they dance –

with love on their minds.

So she pulled away,

the last thing he saw,

was the betrayed look on her face,

tears streaming,

as she disappeared into the crowd

and he was left standing –

with love on his mind.

© 2017 Gypsy Rose Lee

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