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Love Me More

It started as hobby, then published my works in souvenirs, now entering the international arena writing has become my passion. Encourage me.


"Jim, what do you want?" asked Nancy to his elder son. Jim was seven years old and in school.

"Mommy, I want to play with brother," Jim said.

"Your brother, a toddler, just started walking and not fully mastered it," "How can he play with you now!" " Wait until next year, after his third birthday, surely Tim can catch you at your hide outs."

"Now come stand by Tim's railed cot, and keep a watch on him." " He shouldn't fall," "Your brother,Tim, has become naughty like you are." She lightly patted his cheek.

Jim threw a tantrum as he was told that he couldn't play with Tim. Jim wasn't happy with 'mommy's' decision, he grumbled and said, "Then whom to play with this vacation."

"Jim don't throw your tantrum, go bring the ball I'll play with you,"said Nancy.
Partially satisfied Jim ran to get the ball. He returned, quickly, but to his dismay found 'mommy' busy over phone. " Yes! Jenny now tell me how you'll enjoyed at the Hawaiian islands."

Jim understood that the conversation with Jenny aunty will be a long one. 'Mommy' wouldn't play with him now. He sat gaping at mother, who was patiently talking and didn't pay any heed to him.


Jim once again entered brother's room. Stood beside the railings and tried to coax Tim with the red ball.

Tim uninterestingly eyed the object, tried to push up, for playing on the cot, Tim stood up and one leg trying to cross over the railings. But fell back on the cot and moved his hands aimlessly. Prattled some words which Jim didn't understand.

Jim felt disgusted with the futile showcase of no meaning to mother and Tim.

Unwillingly Jim picked the ball at walked towards the courtyard. Suddenly a flash of happiness washed away all his dejected expressions. He was happy to find Rover, the puppy, leashed near to the kennel.


Rover was a grown-up pup. His coat was coloured with patches of black and white colour. Very non-impressive to look at. His breed nothing to be boasted off. In other words, he had nothing appealing to be compared with his other dignified members of canine brotherhood.

Rover occupied the kennel at Jim's house, since last two months. He never felt despaired. He always wagged his tail and whimpered to say that he loves everyone.

As Jim stood in front of him, Rover looked at him joyfully and wagged his tail. He barked and jumped amusingly. Jim rolled the ball to him. Rover scampered to collect it. He playfully pushed the ball towards Jim. They played with glee.

It was interesting to watch the game between innocence and ignorance.

Innocence of Jim had no discrimination for his playmate. Ignorance of Rover, a animal unaware of human nature. Both surfed in friendship, to compose sonnets of revel.

The heart touching pitches were lost, as Nancy admonished Jim for playing with puppy.

She asked Jim, "What are you doing here?" "Why are you touching the ball being licked by puppy?" All such questions was enough to snap the melody of happiness which tuned inside Jim at that moment with Rover.

"I know puppy has been treated by the vet" said Nancy. "Jim, but you cannot be liberal with pups who neither have good breed nor have any attraction in its coats of fur or colour"

"Go inside and wash your hands."

Rover kept looking with beady eyes at Nancy. Wagged his tail while listening to all the admonitions and then squirmed into the kennel.


Vacation was over Jim was at school. Mary, their maid was completing her dusting.

Then she remembered of Rover whom she had bought here, after rescuing from Snarl, a ferocious looking breed of canine.

She unleashed Rover and played with him. Mary patted and tickled Rover, who rolled from one side to another. in natural compunction of caressing. Mary noticed that Rover was very responsive to friendship. She left for the day.

Rover moved ahead, then little more and understood he was free. Mary had forgotten to tie the leash. To his joy tied with fear he climbed the steps, hesitated for a moment, then moved few steps ahead. He sniffed his way to track backwards if required.

He entered the room of Tim and looked up.Tim was precariously hanging from the railings of his cot and crying. Rover understood that rescue was required and he stood up on hind legs, to help, but couldn't avail because Tim was out of his reach.

He ran further inside house and heard something fluttering a similar sound made by Nancy whenever she was near the kennel. He sniffed, to his surprise it was smell of Nancy. She was sitting on the couch. He pounced on her, pulled her dress and clawed her. Nancy got infuriated at the site. Rover whimpered and scurried sometimes looking back. He entered Tim's room and scratched the door with his paw.

Nancy asked herself, "Who let puppy unleashed."


Nancy disliked Rover for four basic reasons:

First his monochromatic patched coloured coat didn't appeal her sense of beauty.

Second his breed was nothing to boast about.

Third her friends and relatives whenever visited them or went for society parties, always had boastful pedigree profiled in their laps or resting on their car upholstery. Therefore she was psychic on him and lamented as inviable to call him 'puppy.'

Others as far too nonchalant about such a serious matter, did call him Rover. This was her fourth reason for discarding him.


Nancy's fury flared as Rover entered baby's room. She followed fully motivated to move puppy out of the before he bites Tim.

She was surprised and awe stricken as she entered and saw Tim hanging to the railings of the cot half sliding position. An awkward position for a toddler at risk of any fatality. He could fall any time and meet some fatal injury of back.

In leaps and bounds she held Tim tightly in her warmth and lay him on the cot.
She now looked for Rover, the saviour of her baby from fatal injury.


Rover had moved away stealthily and lay quietly near the kennel.

Rover was about to meet the inevitable happening. Nancy came near to him, called him Rover (not puppy), picked him in her lap and patted his forehead and slid her hand affectionately over his back.

Rover was shocked and didn't know how to react, so he lay still.

She asked forgiveness from Lord for her obnoxious attitude and uncouth behaviour towards Rover, His creation.

She thought, Rover was neither responsible for his colour nor his sub-standard breed. She felt ashamed and now wished to make amendments.


Drops of tear rolled down her cheeks and fell on Rover's forehead. How she misjudged him, never called by proper name. Always degraded him while comparing him with othear pets of her friends.

How she shunned him for being of sub-standard breed. His clumsy coat and its monochrome colour. His whimpers were always irresistible and tiresome sounds to her. But now when he lay quiet as lifeless, she cajoled him to bark.

She thought if it wasn't for Rover, today she might have lost Tim forever.

Nancy picked him up to face her. She noticed two thin watermarks ran from Rover's beady eyes. She asked,"You cried, why?"

Rover's tears pleaded for kindness and Nancy's tears expressed gratitude.

Tears though colourless, but carry the colourful messages of emotion.This facet of life was masterfully crafted to enhance its value.

Tears though saline but impinges with sweetness.

Do not loose them but shed them for betterment of this universe.

Love me more, you are a phoenix.

I have only the leash.