Love Is the Vibration That Will Bring Us All Together

Updated on May 20, 2017


Falsified history and hypocrisy lay on top of me,

Physically, psychologically, emotionally this bothers me.

Afrikans being called immigrants when they were stolen,

Muslims being called terrorists, but never Christians.

D**kheads are universal, evil has no specific race, religion or colour.

We were all born perfect and at our core we are pure.

So don't let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

Humans are like musical instruments.

Ear'drums', heart'beats', vital 'organs' and vocal 'cords',

So it is no surprise that we are easily played,

Easily manipulated, easily misled, easily swayed.

Everything you see vibrates, everything that vibrates has sounds,

Everything with sound has frequency, and everything with frequency has energy.

Our energy is sacred, value it, preserve it, and don't misplace it,

Channel it, conserve it, and only use it when it is worth it.

Hate and fear are low frequency vibrations,

That's why car crash TV sells and why you always see hate, negativity and fear-mongering in the papers.

It's basic.

We've been corrupted,




And suppressed,

We need to wake up,

We need to clean up this mess.


With love.

When it feels like the world is burning, remember that love is the water.

Love can elevate us, save us, and bring us together.

Love is the highest frequency,

The 1% know this, so its it's harder to reach.

If the rest of us could understand this,

Really understand it,

Then we'd all be free.


Is love the key to bringing everyone in the world together?

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