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Love Does What Love Does


A free soul; tired of jumping and playing around all day, she laid onto a rock and blowout her wings from behind her back, unrestricted their reflexes to unwind their biological heated up engines. The garden diffusing beautiful and saccharine aroma of the blossoms. She heard the others playing and laughing around her. The air touched her skin and the balmy sweat drops on her arms and legs started to die away and eventually dried. She blankly gawked at the open wide sky. A few dozens of birds came into her sight now and then and the sun shone directly onto her face. A sigh. And she got up again to roam and play.

At a distant view, across the road was another patch of mud as large as the garden, but there weren’t any plants or flowers or fairies or life out there. She, as always sat and gazed upon the road across, inquisitive to explore the patch. Her friends came to her and asked her to fetch fruits with them. The sun was going down in a few hours and they haven’t done any fetching for the day. She rolled her eyes and nodded grudgingly.

The day passed through its glory. The night came along with the silence and snoring of the sleeping.

A heavy shudder to her wings that were still down stirring the ground though she had awakened an hour ago. Gulping in the morning fresh breeze and a heavenly smile appeared on her face; a girl contented with her life and everyone’s favorite. She spread her wings wide and took a flight straight up towards the sky and glided down with a cheerful scream. She flew above the garden, greeting everyone she met on her flight. And went to the trees for eating the fruits of joys and nectar for lightening up her soul. She plucked a cherry and flew to her very perfect spot where the sun shone her skin; pale yellowish fresh glowing perfumed skin. Ah, the joy of her life, her healthy merry heart. She could feel her musical pulse over the moon with the sweet tang of the cherry.

She got her hands on a heavy red juicy cherry today. She was full after a few nibbles and decided to store the rest of it in her house; a fleabag in a tree. She widened her wings and stood on the rock. Just when she was about to flutter, she saw something. Something altered. Across the road. On the patch. Small green filaments. Her gigantic dusky ogles widened to their most and her mouth fell open. Green? Was the patch growing green? Lots of green threads vast on the patch in lines. The cherry fell from her hands. And she unknowingly flew across the road towards the patch.

She reached here. She had been gawping the square from the garden but she never came here. But she was here. She was in the midst of the green strands. She landed in between one of the lines. And walked tentatively; awe-struck by the striking green color of the small twigs with leaf-like heads. She had never come across plants of her height and was taken away with the sight as she walked past them. Soon, she started to hear low murmuring, got petrified, and flew aloft removing herself from the mud and into the air. She cautiously observed the patch from above and saw pairs of two small eyes popping out in the sticks. A sudden smirk appeared on her face and disappeared the next jiff. A mixed sentiment of bliss and muddle.

Vigilant and defensive, she landed on the mud again amongst the plants and started walking. Her shoulders stiffened around her neck and wings ready to airlift if anything goes in an unorderly manner. She walked past a few buds while they were crooning as if they were getting to know one another. She beamed and kept on walking. Her core was hopping with delight realizing that she was walking in the very patch she had been witnessing from across the road and there was life on it. Beautiful buds in the patch. Just as she was walking past and flattering what she was seeing, her senses stopped. Her ogles stuck at the sight of a bud. Amongst a few, appearing from behind, a bud waved his head and his leafy hair waved in the air and fell on his face. His eyes shone brightly in the sun and his tiny lips moved in utter synchronization with the air blowing on her face. He talked and smiled with the ones standing near him. She unconditionally moved forward towards him and just as she reached near him she fell with a thud, struck her knee with a pebble. She instantly stood on her feet and realizing he was looking at her, she smiled shyly.

She cleared her throat and moved a little closer to him. He was busy with his friends again. She stood there and watched him; surveyed him laugh and talk, laugh and talk, and laugh and talk with everyone unnoticing her presence while she sat on the mud watching him with adoration in her eyes, fascinated by spectating him until the sun came to say good-bye. Soon enough, the buds were falling asleep and he too, yawned and the two tiny leaves on his head lifted up and relaxed downwards. He moved his eyes around and saw her sitting on the mud and watching him as if he was some eccentric view. He cleared his throat and asked who she was and why she was here. She skipped and raised on her feet, realizing that she has been inquired from him. She moved a little closer and started to tell him elatedly about herself. He smiled and gave a little introduction to himself too. There was no extent of the glee and affection that she had started to experience by the end of the day. A spark in her eyes and a glossy smile on her face. They talked for about an hour and then he asked her that he needed to sleep and the night had grown heavily as well. She nodded and spread her wings while telling him that they would meet again. He smiled and nodded. Soon she was back in the garden in her home.

The very next day, up from a picturesque dream of the love she has found the day before, she flew directly towards the patch. She looked for his place and landed near him. He was awake absorbing the sun with his eyes closed. Breakfast. She waited there, looking at his leaves and stiff thin strand-like physique shinning in the sun and becoming more glossy green minute by minute. After he was done, he moved his head around, stretched his leaves, and inhaled a mouthful of fresh aroma. He saw her standing behind him and greeted her cheerfully keeping intact his unique attitude and proud full eyes.

And so it began; all day, every day, she would fly to him and they were heart-to-heart for long or every so often she would sit neighboring him and watch him do other stuff or having fun with others like him. She would just be with him, spend time in His presence; she grew more and more committed to him. The love inside her heart grew roots into her soul. She was unconditionally in love with him and there was no turning back. Weeks passed, and one day when she flew to him, she realized a change in him. He was grown taller. She stood near him, all so tangled and goosebumps all over her body while he glorified his elevation and cheered with others that have grown to the same height as him as well. And popped up a new emotion inside her; the feeling of weakness and being unheeded because she stood amongst heights and he wouldn’t even look down at her for once until she would call out for him many times. He was hypnotized by the change in his personality; more handsome, taller, and greener. She sat there on the mud near him with her head bent upwards, watching him and adoring him with all her heart. The sun went down just like that. A day passed. Then a few days passed just like that. She would fly to him, watch him sniggering, and having fun-filled conversations with others; she would try to seek his devotion, reaching out to him and all he would do would brag about his persona and the enormity that he felt day by day. He would talk to her as well, distributed in all senses, not paying much attention to what she would be telling him and losing interest in the conversations easily. But she loved him. She loved him with all she had.

Days, weeks, and months passed. He had reached an immense height and had occupied a lot of space. His stem-like body was now a trunk; masculine, striking, and way too solid. While she was just a fairy; her size would match a butterfly on a tree leaf. And she had become that butterfly now. She sat on the mud, in the cold dark shadows of all the trees in the patch. She sat with her back rested on his trunk. She had forgotten what it was like to be in the sun, her home, her garden, her favorite spot for resting and absorbing the heat onto her face. She had left the orchard and had been roaming in the shadows for months. It had become her life. The life that she chose for herself; being with him was her priority; eating the fallen fruits, unexposed to the sun, using her wings for less than an hour or two in a day when he would be freed from all the worldly chores and realize that she had been waiting; she would fly upwards towards his face and he would just talk about others. She would; after all day long, just fly to him, jumping around, listening to him; she would just be happy seeing him. Nonetheless, the days had sprung into her, the feelings of anxiety, selflessness, and envy from the others that had his time. Her glossy, yellowish golden shiny skin had turned to pale white tint. However, nothing and simply nothing could take away the love, the cherished, the adoration, and the affection that she had for him. Seeing him once in a day, flying to his face, that was all that she needed. For her, sitting by his trunk, waiting for him, was worth it.

A few more months passed. The dimness had grown heavier amongst the shades and the chilliness had started to freeze her. She would ramble here and there a few times before but now, she just sat there, by his trunk; a pebble from a butterfly. Days would pass and she would remain overlooked; her wings were losing their strength, and flying to him once in a week had become such hard work. Her skin had lost the luminosity and she had turned entirely whitish. Even so, she would still have the same spark of bliss in her eyes as soon as she saw him. A few more weeks like such days passed in utter darkness and sprung a new feeling inside her. Sadness. She would be sad. Sadder when she’d be snubbed, sadder when he’d ask her to come back later, and sadder when the cruel days had no meetup schedule. The sorrowfulness had introduced her to the salty water droplets that would fall out from the corner of her eyes, burning their way down on her face. A dark, hollow pain had filled her heart and every time she cried, her wings lost more of their strength. It was then she realized that she had been sitting by his trunk for a long time and she was gloomy, confused, and disregarded. So she rose. She rose and tried hard to flicker her wings again. She brushed them gently with her hands and gave them a flick. He was very heightened and it was a long journey up to his appearance. But she didn’t want to give up; had to talk to him, confront him, and ask him the questions that had been darting in her head for about a year.

She started to wave her wings and the pain in her muscles made her yelp. But she didn’t want to relinquish. She flew upwards and used up all the strength she had in her wings. She flew to him and after a hardship, she scarcely managed to come across his face. Apprehending she could not fly more, she hovered in the air and started to call out for him. After a few moments, he turned his eyes around and saw her. The smile on his face suddenly disappeared and the gestures of repulsion filled his eyes. She started to cry. And cried. She told him what she felt and how it was down there. She told him how badly she wanted to be with him. She told him she loved him and asked him about what she did for him to become so ignorant of her. All he could say was, he didn’t have anything to say.

Hovering in the air, while her wings dying minute by minute, she watched him turn his face away from her and started talking to the others. Just like that; she knew, he couldn’t be more bothered by her presence. She watched him with tears in her throat. Soon enough, the fragments of her wings started to fall. And the wind taking mercy on her, gently pushed her towards the ground, into the darkness. She fell on the mud with a little thump and laid there. Silently crying in the darkness; days passed, even so, weeks. Her wings dusted away, gradually. But the pain couldn’t be more than that hollowness she felt inside.

The love she felt for him, it never died. It couldn’t just go away. She won’t let go of the feeling, the soreness was the only souvenir of him. Sitting there in the dark, not been able to see anything, a little away from his trunk, a few cold memories of the past few months; the only few things that she had as his token. The empty space in her heart would sometimes give her a sheer throbbing as if a fabric pulled over prickles. She would cry her heart out, and have dreams about him. Dreams in which, he would talk to her, in which they were of the same height and had long-lasting loveable tête-à-têtes. A cold fraction of time passed just like that.

One day, feeling heavy under the clouds of darkness and wretchedness, she got up and started walking away from him. For a minute, she thought of looking back at him, but she knew the love that resided inside her heart or as it was the love in her chest instead of the heart, would never let her walk away and she already had lost her ability to fly. She had to abandon that place before she losses anything else of hers. And so she caged her heart in her chest and roped it tighter between her ribs. No matter how painful it was, no matter how much her heart triggered her, she moved. She walked and walked away from him. The darkness wouldn’t monitor her out of the thick cold environment but she walked. The wind; the wind that had been with her for all that time, listening to all her crying and pitying her condition, it was with her. The wind would dry her tears now and then, bring about some warmth while she’d be freezing to death, tickle her sometimes, and made her smirk for a jiff. The wind was her guide. It steered her, brought about some warm waves to let her know the direction out of the trees.

She followed the wind, its smooth warmth lead her out. After a few strokes of the sticks and thumps on the ground, and she finally made it. She made it out of the darkness into the light. The wind swirled around her, filled her lungs with the fresh aroma and the sun struck her with a flood of light. A smile performed on her face. Her eyes burned in the sun but she looked directly into it. She immersed it. Her skin welcomed the fresh breeze and the heat into itself. She stood out the patch by the roadside and appearing in front of her was her home. The vibrant, filled with breathtaking fragrance, the garden, her home. It had become more beautiful; a bunch of few more different trees, flowers, and fruits. It was after a long time that she had felt the joy in her chest. Just from standing there, she could see her friends, laughing, hopping, and playing around. Her favorite place had been taken though, a fairy couple sat there hands in hands. The wind swirled around her legs and arms once again. It wanted her to cross the road. It wanted her to go back home. She nodded cheerfully and started walking. The road should have been a long way to cover on feet but it was a few steps that she took. Breathing heavily, she made it to the garden.

As soon as she reached there, she comprehended something strange. The flowers on the edge of the road were touching her feet. The very flowers in which she would get lost because she was just a small fairy. Traumatized, stirred by the sudden realization; that the only thing which she ever got from him was, height. All that time she tried harder and harder to reach for him. All that did to her was made her the odd man out. She was no more a fairy. The garden was no more her home. She was no longer the person she was while she dwelled in the orchard. Her friends merely seemed like a ball of lights to her and her home was just a hole in a tree. The spurs of happiness, all vanished in a jiff. She started falling apart inside herself again. She had nowhere to go. The wind tapped her cheeks with warmth. And blew past her hair giving her condolences.

But, she had cried a lot for so much time and she couldn’t cry more. Though she had lost her home, and the thought of it made her bluer but she couldn’t just give in all the strength that she had composed inside her. She refurbished herself again, glued the broken building blocks, and turned towards the drowning sun. Ahead of her, paved a long road. The wind by her side as if it held her hand, the sun shone its drowning rays onto her face. She had changed; neither a fairy and nor she could inhabit more in the dark; the only way to go was the way forward. Towards the sun, she rose her feet. Hands in hands with the wind. Afar on the mountain, a small cottage and a swing awaited her presence. She had a glimpse of the view and smiled. Took a step and started walking.

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