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"It's in the late hours of the evening that we're coming back, tired after a long day of travel and frolic. You decide to take a break from all the driving and slow down to park your bike by the roadside. I point out to a few seats by a tiny pavement beside the road, those overlooking a small lake and tall palm trees in the distance. You walk a few steps ahead of me, with a slight impatience to your mannerisms. I follow you to the empty seats, wondering if the impatience that I seemed to sense in you was real or just a fragment of my imagination. I choose a seat next to you and finally sit down. Yet, like never before, you soon get up to find another seat at some distance from mine. You're now sitting afar, your back turned to me, and from what I notice, you're lost in thinking. I quietly move in next to you, and you hardly seem to take notice. You're pulling out a cigarette from your pocket, setting it alight and drawing in smoke. I can't help but look at how something is bothering you, but something within me stops me from asking you about it. I quietly watch you smoke, and you watch the sunset in the distance, the gleam in your eyes telling me that you're somewhere far, far away. We sit there wordlessly, the occasional puffs of your smoke making their way across the distance between us. You let out a sigh. I let a few moments pass, and I pull up my courage to ask you if something was bothering you, but you merely shake it off, and continue to smoke again. I look at the palm trees in the distance, their leaves turning golden from the rays of the setting sun , and wonder- Where did it all go wrong? At what point in time did we lose confidence in each other? Why did the comfort fade away? Where did the spaces we once shared, disappear? Where did the intimacy that we once shared, go? And was I the one to blame? "

Divya Sharma.

© 2020 Divya-Sharma

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