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Following the Angels


Days of the past, are no longer to preside,

Now is what counts, better action to decide.

Leaving the old behind, embracing the new,

Remembering our strength, a time to renew.

Angels here to guide us, if we follow their lead,

In attempts to accomplish, now we will succeed.

Our Maker's own guardians sent from on high,

Blueprints to direct us, positive forces to apply.


As surely as a bright moon shines at night,

The dawning of the sun to shine in the day.

Our Lord God sees us in his celestial home,

Every good deed and rightful act we display.

As on a beach we see all the fresh footprints,

We may follow a most brilliant angelic parade.

Taking the precious time to enjoy sweet lives,

While being showered with a gifting cascade.


Angels to remind us of how blessed we are to be,

As with their shining faces and wings, do implore.

In our daily lives, the days and nights, we will see,

Their hands pointing the way to heaven's own door.

Are our God's own army, to protect us and to lead,

There to watch over us, and sometimes intercede.

Our's just to allow them, being watchful, to admire,

Being patient and adoring, provide our every desire.