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Locked In: Flash Fiction

I am an amateur writer who writes poetry and short stories and I love to cook.

Locked In

Ciara Jones didn't expect to be locked in her friends basement. She certainly didn't expect to be locked in with David Stewart. They didn't necessarily get along so Ciara thinks the universe is picking on her.

"This is all your fault," Devin says, for the third time.

"Okay," Ciara responds because they've had this argument twice and she's tired of it.They had been arguing with each other and making sarcastic remarks to one another for the past 30 minutes. Ciara is annoyed, Devin is annoyed, the basement is probably annoyed.

Ciara and Devin had came down here to get extra chairs. They were in charge of decorations this year for the 4th of July gathering. Their friend group has been doing this since they were 17 and now they're 20.

All Devin and Ciara had to do was get the extra chairs and they'd be finished. But no... The universe had other plans.

"How did the door even lock?" Devin asks, after they've been sitting there for a few minutes.

"I think I remember John saying it just does that." Ciara responds.

At least it's comfortable, Devin thinks. It's more like a den than a basement because there's a TV, a mini fridge, and two recliners. It was also filled with other things that made it more lively. Devin thinks he wouldn't mind being stuck down here if he had better company.

He knows their friends partnered them up together on purpose and that annoyed him. Everyone wanted Devin and Ciara to be cool but Devin just didn't see that happening. When he first met her, she had been cool and they got along well, but that changed quick.

Devin sighs in frustration and scrubs a hand across his face. They both had left their phones in the living room so they couldn't call for help. And part of the tradition was that only the people decorating are allowed to come into the picked house. So none of them were there.

stupid rule, he thinks bitterly.

"Why are you glaring at me?" Ciara asks. She noticed that he had zoned out but now he's glaring at her.


"You've been glaring at me for the past 30 seconds," Ciara says.

"Didn't know I was," he responds and shrugs.

"Okay," she says simply and leans back in the recliner. She closes her eyes because she could fall asleep like this.

"Whats your problem?"

Ciara opens her eyes and looks over to Devin. "My problem?"

"Yeah, what's your problem with me?" Devin says, sitting up in his recliner.

"I don't have a problem with you," she says.

Devin scoffs and looks at her once more. "You don't have a problem with me and yet we're always arguing?"

"That's because you start every argument and I just defend myself."

"What?" he says, in disbelief.

"Every time we've argued it's because you say something smart after I say anything." Ciara continues.

"That's not true." Devin says, and shakes his head. He sees Ciara watching him and her face is completely serious. He wracks his brain for every argument he can remember and she's right.


"I'm guessing the real question is," Ciara begins, "what's your problem with me?"

Devin sits there for a moment and then he sighs. He honestly can't think of why he doesn't like her now that he knows he starts all the argument. Yeah, she argues back but he starts them and she has every right to defend herself.

"When we first met, things were cool but then I guess I felt like you didn't really like me and then it went from there." he finally says.

Ciara is silent for a couple of seconds before she stands up. She walks up to him with a small smile on her face. Holding her hand out, she says in a cheery voice, "Hi, I'm Ciara. Nice to meet you."

A smile breaks out on Devin's face and he chuckles before standing up as well. He grabs her hand and begins to shake it.

"Devin Stewart," he says, his tone matching hers. "it's nice to meet you too."

The End.

Final Thoughts

Hey my darlings!

I wrote this story last month when I was supposed to be doing a college assignment. It was one of those "spare of the moment" situations but I don't regret it. This story reminds me of misunderstanding and miscommunication and what can be one of the possibilities of that. How do you guys feel about it?

Thanks so much for reading this, I really appreciate it.

See you later darlings!

© 2019 Tia Miller

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