Nursing Home Buffet

Updated on November 14, 2017

On the final day of their political campaign, Congressman Wilbur and Professor Dan met at Alive Nursing Home. This nursing home was believed to be the largest in the country. Many politicians visited this nursing home because seniors were dependable voters. The majority of the seniors' hearing aids were operated with a remote control that gave them instructions and information about their daily activities. At the facility, all the meals were served the buffet style because seniors were encouraged to walk around with their walkers, canes and wheelchairs in the dining room in order to stay active and physically fit. The senior citizen behind the technology in the nursing home was Dr. Greenfield, a ninety-five year old World War Two veteran with a PhD in computer and electronics engineering. Before the final rally, Dan visited the nursing home to talk to Gabriel, the manager, about the donations of hearing aids he was planning to make to the seniors.

"I want to introduce myself. I'm Professor Dan and I'm running for member of parliament for Funga Municipality. I have hearing aids I would like to donate to your residents before our joint rally this evening, and I want to know if that is okay."

"O my goodness! You are an angel! Every resident in this home has a hearing problem. All their hearing aids malfunctioned when our power went off a few weeks ago. Now that you are here, let me introduce you to Dr. Greenfield, who is our electronics engineer. Come with me," Gabriel said. They went to meet Greenfield in his workshop, which had all sorts of disassembled electronics.

"Dr. Greenfield."

"Yes sir!" Greenfield stood up and gave Gabriel a salute. "Please meet the congressman to be, Professor Dan."

"Oh, he is a professor like me? The World War Two was very complicated. Had I not been complicated myself, I would have lost an eye. The Germans, the French, the Italians, O the Americans, we had the best weapons that time. You know what I mean?"

"No, I don't know what you mean," replied Dan.

"He talks about World War Two all the time; it brings back for him long memories and it keeps him preoccupied," Gabriel whispered into Dan's ear.

"Dr. Greenfield."

"Yes sir!" He stood up again and saluted.

"A salute isn't necessary. I have some hearing aids I would like to donate to your residents before our political rally this evening."

"That's right! They told me that you are running for a senate seat! I'm glad we are going to have a congressman who has the brains. And I'm thrilled that you are replacing the epuipment that congressman Wilbur destroyed. Do you know that he authorized the office of electricity to cut off our power because our facility was just one day behind in its bills and all the hearing aids of our residents got destroyed? I'm waiting for him, and I'm going to pay him back. Bring me the ear pieces. I will program them into my remote control. What I program in my remote control is what the seniors do or say."

Dan went to his car and brought boxes of hearing aids to Greenfield. Then Greenfield spent some time in his workshop programming them into his remote control. When he was finished, he pushed his walker and went to Gabriel's office where Dan was still waiting. "The computer programming is done, come help me. Then Greenfield, Dan and Gabriel carried the ear devices to the dining room and helped the seniors to put them on. The remote control had four commands. The first command was to sing the song 'let it shine,' the second command was to throw food at all the visiting politicians, except Dan. The third command called everyone to respond as a soldier and say 'yes sir.' The fourth command was to beat Wilbur and his agents with walkers, canes and wheelchairs. The remote control also had other functions including volume controls and the off and on buttons.

In the evening when the rally was about to start, congressman Wilbur arrived with his campaign team and were welcomed by Gabriel in the dining room where all the residents were eating their dinner. Dr. Greenfield was also present with his remote control to control their hearing devices.

"May I have your attention please," Gabriel said. Then all the seniors stopped whatever they were doing. "Today we are fortunate to have Congressman Wilbur with us. Wilbur is running for his fifth term as our representative for Funga Municipality. Although this is his first time to be here in the twenty years he has represented you in parliament, and although he is the one who authorized the turning off of our electricity that destroyed your hearing aids, please give him a chance to speak to you," Gabriel said. As soon as Wilbur started to speak, Greenfield muted the ear pieces of the seniors with his remote control and they could not hear anything Wilbur was saying.

"I can't hear you!"one old lady shouted.

"I'm shouting on top of my voice!" Wilbur shouted back.

"Speak louder. I cant hear you! another old man shouted. When the seniors could not hear anything, they ignored Wilbur and continued eating their dinner. As Wilbur was still struggling to get the attention of the residents, Professor Dan arrived and Gabriel introduced him. "I think you already know Dan. He is the one who brought you those ear pieces this morning." Then Greenfield increased the volume and pressed the song command and all the seniors started singing and clapping for Professor Dan:

This professor of mine (OK,OK,OK)

I'm gonna let him shine (Alright, alright , alright)

This professor of mine (OK, OK, OK)

I'm gonna let him shine (Alright, alright, alright)

This professor of mine (OK, OK, OK)

I'm gonna let him shine (OK, alright, Ok)

Let him shine, let him shine, let him shine.

After the song, Dr. Greenfield pressed another button on the remote and all the seniors started throwing food and plates at Congressman Wilbur and his team.

"What is going on here? Did professor Dan set us up?" Charles asked.

"These old folks are upset because Wilbur destroyed their ear pieces," Gabriel said.

Then Greenfield pressed another button and there was a voice command:


"Yes, sir!" all seniors stood at attention.


"Yes sir!"

"Those are the politicians who destroyed your ear pieces. Let's show them the military skills we learned in World War Two," the voice said. Then Greenfield pressed another button and all the seniors resumed throwing food at Wilbur and his team. Before long, Wilbur and his team were dripping with tomato sauce, vegetable soups and meat stew. Then Wilbur and his team ran for the exit to avoid the fury of the old folks. Meanwhile, more senior citizens were furiously waiting outside with their walkers and canes. When Wilbur and his campaign agents saw the seniors following them, they ran in a different direction and accidentally fell into the swimming pool that Dr. Greenfield had skillfully covered and disguised with a piece of cloth. They were able to swim across before the seniors could get to them.

When they got out of the pool, they tried to run ahead but they didn't know that Greenfield had set a snare a few meters from the pool. Then Wilbur accidentally stepped on the snare and it snapped and caught his ankle and swung him in the air.

"Help, help. My ankle is broken. I can't feel my ankle!" Then his team stopped running and came back and rescued him. His ankle was hurt so badly that he could not walk; his team carried him to the hospital where Mary, his wife was waiting.

"This ankle will require a surgery and it might take about six months of rehabilitation time," Doctor Sabrina said.

"Please doctor, don't do that to me! Tomorrow is Election day. If you do surgery today, I might lose the election!"

"I'm a doctor, I'm not a politician. I'm giving you a professional advice. I have other patients to attend to, I will see you tomorrow."

"When you start losing a fight against senior citizens, then know that you have a problem," Mary said.

"You don't understand! Those old folks are very complicated!" Wilbur said.

"Look at you. You smell like macaroni and cheese."

"At least me, but how about my campaign agents? They all ran away dripping with spaghetti and vegetable soups. Those old guys are dangerous. Any way, I have to attend my election tomorrow, even if it requires me to use a wheelchair. I want to make sure that every vote counts and every vote is counted." Then Mary gave Wilbur his medicine and they both went to sleep.

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