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Little She Who Is Me: A Poem of Comfort to Little Me

My drawing of little she who was me.

My drawing of little she who was me.

I wrote this little poem recently as a very private conversation with little me of four years old who lost her innocence. Grief still appears now and then and I wanted her to know my heart and to comfort her, the little she that lives inside of me. I don't want to live in the past or let it define me. I don't want her (little me) or my grown-up self to ever feel afraid or deep sorrow again. My hopes and prayers are for healing. I thought I'd share it, hoping it might help someone. God bless you, my readers.

Little She Who Is Me

Little she who Is me,

I’m sorry I failed to keep you safe.

I wish I could have stopped

the nightmare,

prevented you from harm,

but I was you, and you are me

from long ago,

and I had no power.

I wish it had been different,

that I could have snatched you away

and found us safe places to play;

places where we could frolic

and discover the wonders that

every child was meant to unfold;

a place filled with

rilling streams,

trilling birds,

thrilling butterflies,

and frilling flowers

arrayed in vast meadows;

where we would be happy

and carefree,

unknowing and unworried

of threats to our innocence,

and see a future unfettered

and uncorrupted.

Our past cannot be changed,

but our here and now

is safe and free;

I will never leave your side

unguarded and alone.

And little she who was me,

we have a good, good Father

who shelters us under

His magnificent wings;

wings that span from

eternity to eternity.

He was with us in our trial and sorrow,

but had healing in His wings

as a gift to us for today.

Our sorrow is at end,

our tears that He collected in His bottle

are now treasured testaments of His faithfulness,

and His tender mercies, which are new every morning.

Where we may be weak,

He will always be strong.

Let’s gather together under His wings

and become one, and fly in the sanctuary

of His eternal love.

I love you little she that is me.

© 2017 Lori Colbo

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