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Little Brick House

I'm interested in social issues, relationships, problems of daily living, jobs, exercise, poems and fiction, plus safer living conditions.


Little Brick House

The cute little brick house looks perfect from the outside. The yard is always mowed with the edges trimmed. The flowers are beautiful. The two cars sitting in the driveway were recently washed and waxed. Julie kept the inside just as immaculate as the outside. This brick house isn’t fancy, but it always looks good. The problem is on the inside.

Sandra, a 16 year old, is lying on her bed crying. Her long red hair is tangled and her blue eyes are puffy from the tears. Sandra is slim and has a beautiful smile. Even her room is spotless, which might be considered unusual for a teenager.

She was told to not come out of her room today. Her father is mad as she got two Bs on her report card and especially because she came home late from school. Her father has not always been so strict, but only since her older brother was killed by a drunk driver while he was riding his bicycle. Her father grew angry and bitter following the death of his son.

Tom is a six foot tall, muscular man that shares Sandra’s red hair. Julie, Sandra’s mother, is a blond with dark brown eyes, and very quiet most of the time. Tom is a manager at a local credit union. The rules for Sandra include an early curfew for the few times she is even allowed to go out with friends. The expectations include straight As with all her school work and most importantly, she must be home on time.


Sandra's Anger

The next morning Sandra came into the kitchen with her book bag ready for school. Her father had already left for work and her mother was preparing to mop the floor.

“Mother, why can’t you ever stick up for me?” asked Sandra.

“Sandra, your father only wants what is best for you. Since we lost Connor last year he is more concerned about your future.”

“Really? Does he think I am some kind of machine? He knows I am taking very hard courses this year.” Sandra yelled.

“Sandra, lower your voice. We have seen how well you have done with your grades for many years now. Why would your father think you can’t do the same right now?”

Just then Sandra’s dog, Toby, started rubbing his body on her legs waiting for his head to be scratched. Sandra briefly scratched his head, then grabbed her book bag to leave for school.

“Sandra, you need to eat some breakfast.” her mother said as Sandra hurried out the back door. Toby laid down by the door waiting for Sandra's return.


Tom’s Shed

That Friday evening after a quiet dinner Tom went out to work in the shed. He enjoyed working with wood. He had all the important equipment and tools he needed for his various projects.

While Tom was working on his latest project Sandra had a plan of her own. She packed her backpack with some clothes, snacks and matches. She already had her sleeping bag rolled tightly. She heard her father come in from the shed so she knew her parents would be asleep soon.


Sandra Leaves

Sandra waited until she was sure her parents were sleeping. She got the backpack and sleeping bag, then, quietly left through the back door. She headed up the mountain path that began at the end of their subdivision. She walked for about five hours before she decided to rest. She found a campsite close to a winding stream. She wasn't cold, so she just rolled out the sleeping bag and climbed in. She looked at all the beautiful stars on this clear night, then rather quickly fell asleep.

She woke a few hours later to a sunny day. Sandra was pondering her situation as she walked down to the stream and watched the ducks. She sat on a rock at the edge of the stream and tried to decide what to do next. When she left home she had planned to walk to her aunt’s house but now she wasn’t so sure.

Sandra knew her parents were worried if they had figured out she was not home. She figured her father was mad also. She just felt so frustrated, yet she loved her parents.

Sandra walked back up to her campsite, lit a fire and began to eat some of her snacks. By the early afternoon she decided to go back home. It was supper time when she arrived home.

As she walked up to the front of the house she saw her father sitting in a lawn chair with Toby lying by his feet. He stood up and held his arms out toward her. Sandra dropped her bags and ran up to her father’s arms. Sandra and her father both had tears running down their faces. Her father said, “I can’t stand to lose you too, Sandra.”

“You aren’t going to lose me Daddy.

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