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Lit The Fire


Lit the fire, dear

I'll be there soon

I might not near

But I can be there at noon

Lit the fire, love

Don't let the house become cold

Did you wear your gloves

When you out to strolled?

Your house is too far

The world around it looks bizarre

In this heat, I might get lost

And sorrowly miss the first frost

But I'll be there, darling

I'll be well adjusting

I'll climb the Mountain

For your love is like a Fountain

If I were not there at noon

Would you wait until dawn?

I'll ride the wind and follow the Moon

Just leave the lamp on the Lawn

And when the morning comes

I'll be there inside your arms

Lit the fire, sweet

Together, you and I will be completed

© 2017 Freya Cesare


Freya Cesare (author) from Borneo Island, Indonesia on September 22, 2017:

Gypsy Rose Lee and Nell Rose, thank you for reading this.

Nell Rose from England on September 22, 2017:

Aw that's beautiful! and great to see you again on here!

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on September 22, 2017:

Lovely poetry. Enjoyed.

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