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Limerick - The Man From Cincinnati

Shoe shine, Mister?


The Man From Cincinnati

There once was a man from Cincinnati

whose typical dress was quite natty.

His shoes were in style.

He kept them awhile,

until they became too ratty.

The Lady From Peru

There once was this lady from Peru.

Her politics were surely a stew.

She liked Democrats,

and Republican spats.

But tended to Green through and through.

No robo-calls, please.!

This lady is really from Laos.

This lady is really from Laos.

The Man From Saskatchewan

There once was a man from Saskatchewan.

Who made sure to be up before dawn.

He worked with a zest,

and never did rest,

until sunset when he started to yawn.

Climb every mountain!


The Gal From Montana

There once was a gal from Montana

who always wore a bandanna.

Her neck was so wrinkled and dry,

it crinkled with her every sigh.

But softened when she moved to Savannah.

You're so funny Grampa!


© 2016 Demas W Jasper

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