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Lillianna the Demon

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Lillianna’s eyes fluttered open in the dim light of the dawn, she peered through the small hut she shared with her mother, seeking out the sound that had woken her up. She sat up, rubbing her eyes to make them adjust she saw her mother packing. Lillianna yawned and stretched she was used to the packing by now they had been doing it all her life never staying in one place too long because of what they were. She swung her feet over the side of the bed and onto the cold dirt floor, she stood and walked over to the small dresser her mother had given her, she paused and looked at her mother again noticing only one set of suitcases this time, Lillianna shrugged it off probably hadn’t gotten to her things yet she thought to herself. She sat down on the small stool in front of the dresser and looked into the mirror. The mirage of her true form was pretty, black curly hair that hung just past her shoulders her aqua eyes and pale skin and slender body figure made her look like a weak female, she was, however, something totally different, a hybrid part demon part elemental her mother was Lilith, her father was an elemental god she had not seen since she was born.

She heard her mother curse at the suitcase, which brought her out of her daydreaming state as Lillianna looked at her. “Do you want help mother?”

“No Lillianna, I’m just sick of packing and moving.”

“Then why don’t we just stay here, I’m sick of moving too.”

Her mother stopped packing and sighed, placing her hands on top of the suitcase she replied. “You’re not moving this time Lillianna, I have made you an Ice palace to stay in and raise a family if you so choose, and it’s not far just up the hill.”

“What are you…Why are you leaving me?” Lillianna frowned confused.

“Because you’re old enough to be on your own and Lucifer needs me back in hell at his side.”

“You have not taught me anything about being a demon yet.”

“Stop blubbering child, a demon is strong always, and you are only half a demon I would much rather you use your water elemental skills than that of my kind.”

“I can learn.”

“You don’t learn to be a demon; you lack the personality you have too much of your father in you.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“Yes and no, now I got to go follow the dirt path and it will lead you to the palace” She walked over to Lillianna and kissed her on the forehead.

Lillianna looked up at her mother, clenching her fists her eyes grew red and pierced through her as if to hold her there longer. “Mother…”

“Lillianna, I have to go, I leave you with your last and finally lesson your horns will grow in as well as your tail soon enough your still young, your only twenty you will not reach full growth or strength until forty, you will still be able to hide your tail and horns if you wish.”

“Please don’t leave me.” Lillianna felt a cold wind across her face she looked up and her mother was gone. She wiped the bloody tears from her face and stood, she made her way to the dirt path and up the hill to the palace. She walked into the great halls and realized her mother had also furnished the palace. The boots of her heels clicked on the marble flooring as she ran her fingers along the icy walls, upon entering the center of the palace to her left was a bedroom and to her right, a sitting area, in front of her sat blue thrones she approached them remembering that her mother told her she was an immortal and of royal blood. She sat on the biggest throne and laid her head back relaxing, she fell asleep feeling both utterly alone and happy to finally have a home to call her own.

“Mom, Dahlia is doing it again!”

A voice rang in Lillianna’s ears she opened her eyes to one of her three daughters staring back at her. “What is she doing Anya?”

“She keeps using her powers to lift me up and hang me from the ceiling!”

Lillianna sighed and sat up in her bed, six-hundred and ninety years had passed since her mother had left her, and she had two daughters and a husband whom she lost in battle.

© 2018 Brandy

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