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Like a Heartless Person Sleeping There

Updated on October 30, 2017

Under the beneath of sky,

like the children's group lie,

the sun's ray and cold sand,

is easy to make a lovely friend.

The mom and dad near the sea,

are sitting with their hands free.

Like diamond always shine,

their were children's sweat from nine.

The clothes were left on the sand ,

on the water they lay their hand.

The persons were swimming in the water,

the small tiny pictures of humans were seeing farther.

The child was going like in search of wealth,

the sun was setting down into sunset melt.

There was a person sleeping there who looks at sun at,

the child started sinking into the water that.

The child gone fatter than but the men ignored the child,

such persons are cruel wild.

© 2017 Ritik Singh


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