Life Over Death

Updated on July 21, 2017

What if this time the blood dictates death not life?

The unburst cyst selfishly pushes her aside.

No intense pain that suddenly makes her kneel

Or the torrents of unneeded blood spilling from within.

It’s a painless, silent, soft flow of blood.

She now eats, not only to nourish herself,

But for this cancer that’s taken residence;

It shares food, space and time… Until when?

Is she prepared to die?

In her youth she offered her life in restitution.

Later, as sin strangled her happiness,

She begged death to relieve life’s illusion.

Now, with little to show for her life:

No money, land or good name;

No children, spouse or legacy

She could easily step aside.

Yet, she wants to live.

How she loves her life!

Every snow flake that lands on her nose;

A newborn leaf that renews life’s hope;

Every sand particle stuck between her toes!

What if she lives? She can love

Every foam-crested wave that cleanses the soul;

A smile from a once-saddened face;

Every rainbow recalling His promise and grace.

Oh, how she loves this life!

Never hers to begin with, an undeserved gift.

She did nothing to merit this life:

In the womb no questions, no hatred.

Pampered, protected, at ease. She lived.

Her mother loved her. A surprise life to them both!

Yet, cared and nurtured the child grew.

How can that child, for her, not do likewise?

What has that child done with life? With talents? With youth?

Her greatest fear: that no one will miss her enough;

What if her journey cannot take flight for lack of one

Single unpassioned, unselfish prayer?

She solved others’ problems… but was the Lord served?

“I don’t want to leave yet!” broken, she cried.

Humbled, she uttered “I owe with no way to pay!”

Fertile ground, her heart’s offering now harvested:

“Your debt is cancelled; One Who first loved for you paid.”

Eternity opens Love’s door.

What if this time the blood dictates Life not death?


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    • Agnes Penn profile image

      Maria del Pilar Perez 7 months ago from Nicholson, Pennsylvania, USA

      Thanks, Shannon. It's based on my life and those who know me know me as a Drama Queen! LOL

    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 9 months ago

      How dramatic! Love the opening and closing lines.