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It all starts with one good deed

Well hello there..take a seat and relax. Let me take you on a small journey. This is about my life..and my personal story, perhaps you will learn something from my mistakes if not..then i hope that you never make same one.

"It all begins with one good deed"

Sometimes we all need someone to listen to us..

Here i am..a simple guy..i know you must have heard that one a lot of times, i really am. I live my life by simple principles..don't do to others what you don't want to be done to you, don't ask for more then you deserve.

You could call me a bit naive and too kinded hearted for my own good..but nobody is perfect, neither am i..what we all share is flaws, good points too.

When people tell you that life is soft and kind, they lie. Some sadly learn it the hard way..not all are same, not all share same fate or luck if we can call it that. Ah ..yes i do suppose that sounds a bit negative..however hang in there. You will find out that sometimes truth sounds negative, but sadly is simply..realistic..and that's life.

A lot of us want to hear only what we wish to hear most of times, but believe me..poison wrapped in candy is not right way. Believe me i say yet..i don't even know you, rather selfish. But perhaps you will..who am i to judge after all.

So let me tell you dear is NOTsimple. You know, sometimes without a storm a change can't happen. Learn to embrace it. Now you must be wondering who am i to tell you what to do, who am i to preach and say what is and what isn't. You are right. But this is only my personal hell. And honestly i am wondering why am i even writing this..but i suppose i reached a point where i am falling apart, desperate for attention yet i have none, desperate for friends..yet i have none, desperate for love..yet its bitter, desperate for someone to listen to me , desperate for comfort yet i have none.

You must perhaps ask So i will say again..sadly not all of us have a blessing or have came to this world, and given happiness from start. is also about hardships..and that's a path we all must take, however remember that YOU always have a choice. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise...above all BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. I know...its easy to say, hard to do..i know i have been there. If you are perhaps feeling down, if you are sinking right now, if you have no one to believe..then I BELIEVE IN YOU. You CAN do it.

Let me stop right there now however..i hope you did not waste your time reading this. Next time..lets take a little turn to me personally.

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