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Life as We See It - Disharmony


Abimon was born and raised in Bangalore. He had some fond memories for this once beautiful city.

Disharmony and Imbalance

Sid's heartbeats were pounding many a beat when he sensed the panic amongst the people who were there. In a sudden moment of panic, he screamed and it was due to a scary sight he had witnessed. Along with him, the others joined. This once quiet and serene setting had changed into a place filled with chaos and confusion.

A few seconds later, all the birds flew in a formation away from this lake. The evening sky looked ominous. Thick dark clouds enveloped the entire city. The storm was brewing.

In a sudden yet unexpected moment in time, a lightning bolt of monstrous intensity hit the ground. The earth shook. The people ran for cover. An impending stampede was inevitable. Sid was so fearful that he couldn’t move an inch from the place where he stood until he saw a tall yet hefty man running towards him with tears streaming down his cheeks. Sid looked at him until he realized……