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Life as Seen in Those Magical Summer Nights

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

In Present Life

there are things both visible and invisible, and they exist if only to bring Our Maker much pleasure. I know of a few of these things, but today, I will talk about one: Those Magical Summer Nights. Fitting enough that I should write about this topic, because I am a “veteran” of the Magical Summer Nights and I can talk intelligently about what I have seen and done and now I am glad to share these things with you.

This hub poses no controversy, but it may bring the mystery out of you and I that once lived on open display, but become hidden upon growing into adulthood. Funny thing about youth and adulthood: Youth allows us to be so aware of our days and nights and adulthood is fully-ready to hand-out caution signs to tell us how to live and why.

At an instance, I can say that Magical Summer Nights are just that. Magical. They do not require any time in any laboratory. Just be willing to allow the child-like innocence be on display and master the fun of standing in front of the mirror smiling for everyone to see. At “this” stage of our lives, we experience more laughter rather than weeping when those Magical Summer Nights surface.

Summer nights: you can't beat it anywhere.

Summer nights: you can't beat it anywhere.

During Each Day and Night

whether we are in school or not, the daylight becomes our enemy because of the love we have for night-time in the summer months. Don’t pin me down and pressure me to explain this because I cannot do such a thing. Neither can you or anyone else for that matter.

Magical Summer Nights just show up one night and when they put away their dark cloak, life is a bit easier and we tend to start counting the hours of when our day slowly fades away into “that” special set of Summer hours that almost brings us to becoming children once again and hearing those hoop’s and hollering that can be heard from one side of our neighborhood to the other.

When a Magical Summer Night begins, some of us love to run for some reason. I can well remember the wonderful game of youth: “Run Sheep Run.” We could never get enough. And if it wasn’t “this” game, we would invent our own games and when we blended in the dark hours, our homemade games became more exciting and mysterious, fit for any youngster to join in and enjoy themselves.

Another phenomenon that is always prevalent when a Magical Summer Night is on stage, is the adults who seem to be drawn from inside their homes to the outside where they love to sit on their porches with neighbors and just talk about the day’s events and enjoying each other’s company. You will not see “this” event happening in the spring, fall and winter. Just in those Magical Summer Nights.

When I was Young

and life was new for me and my friends, we couldn’t wait for the night when summer followed spring just so we could be outside in the fresh air and roam like wolves and when we returned home, we were spent physically due to all of our running and jumping—which accompanies the youth of summer and summer nights.

And while “we” were playing in the cool darkness of summer, there was something else that was going on, but evaded our awareness. When darkness let down her curtain, millions of various types of insects of every color and shape would start their own versions of how Mother Nature should sound, but the sad thing is, we only learned how beautiful these symphonies really were when we reached the age of men and women.

Summer and summer nights were always too short to have more fun and not long enough to grab an extra hour of sleep. But we all loved it with a love that couldn’t die. It just faded a bit from the time of our young lives and taught us how to sit still and silent and let the sound(s) of summer nights captivate our senses.

The Most-Mysterious Time

of those Magical Summer nights were always great when the Insect World came alive to play their lovely music, but I dare say that “the” most-mysterious time of any summer or summer nights was the time when we were still growing to men and women, but still a kid at heart and fearful to turn loose of our fanciful games and laughter.

Once when the moon was full and the scent of Honeysuckle would drift through our games and meetings that had us talking to the opposite sex, we knew that inside of our spirit, something was definitely going on—and it wasn’t anything that we studied any book of our school work.

Call it what you may. Some called it “Puppy Love,” and some even said that we were having “crushes,” for certain girls and boys and that may be the truth, but to a fearful extent. Love for young people is always a matter of fear, but not the type of fear that keeps us from jumping from a high place, the fear that we really like, but afraid to tell anyone.

And when that certain girl or boy should reach out to hold hands, we all knew that (in some cases) lives would never be the same.

It never is when you lived through our growing years of those Magical Summer Nights.

Sept. 23, 2018__________________________________________

Summer nights mean fun events such as the fireworks display(s) at most Fourth of July Celebrations.

Summer nights mean fun events such as the fireworks display(s) at most Fourth of July Celebrations.

© 2018 Kenneth Avery

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