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Life and the Pursuit of Peace

Poetry is something that I loved to write for as long as I can remember, it is a way that I express my thoughts and feeling to the world.



Reach For It

When you feel like life can't go on
When you feel like nothings going right
When you feel like it's over and done
Reach for it

Life is never as bad as it seems
Time heals all wounds
people change, grow, and learn
You take the good with the bad

When it feels like the world will end
When it feels like everything is crumbling
When it feels like you just can't win
Reach for it

Live, Love, Learn


Live, Love, Learn

Live the life you want
Love the people around you
Learn to look for the simple things

Live, Love, Learn

Live in the moment of now
Love to be spontaneous
Learn to love those who hate you

Live, Love, Learn

Live like it's your last
Love like you will lose it all
Learn that life has ups and downs

Live, Love, Learn



Freedom Love

Freedom flows like water to the sea
Peace be still and love grow free
Hold on to the good and bad just be
Nothing will take away what is seen

Life takes time to create life
love takes time to rise and fall
Peace takes time to come and go
Everyone takes what they can get

Be free to love the life you have
Give it all and don't hold back
Do what comes natural to you
Everything will be revealed in time



Haiku 1

Deep breaths in and out

Peace is a state of mind now

Hold on and let go

Haiku 2

Love can show the way

Give you a sense of happy

Show you how to be

Good Vibes


End All Be All

End the way things are done
Find a new way of thinking
This is not working at all
Everything is spiraling out

the world is heading in the wrong direction
people crying, people dying, nothing changes
life is being slowly killed for no reason
we have no real control over anything

seeing all the destruction all around
refusing to do anything to stop it
benefiting from others pain
we just don't have the time to care

when it all ends we will be all gone
nothing left to show we did anything good
just death and destruction to give it away
we are going down the dark road with a smile

© 2017 Brittney Mckinney

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