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Life - God's Gift

"Years passed by. And only God knows how many years are still left to be passed. So many things have been done. But still there are many things yet to be done.
When I look back I can clearly see my childhood. I remember my childhood games and friends. I remember my school, teachers, punishment, appreciations and prizes.
How could I forget my college days. In those days my eyes were filled with dreams and heart was full of love. At that time everything was seemed possible. I was flying in the air. I was living in my world of dreams. I was far from reality.
When I stepped in the world of realities I found it so different from the world of my dreams. Well, slowly but I learned to adjust in this world. I learned to survive. Some lessons were learned by myself and many lessons were taught by people I met and circumstance I faced.
During these journey I met so many people and different types of people. Some were angels, specially sent by God to help me. I have baggage of experiences. Sweet and bitter. I have treasures of memories. But there is no one whom I can talk. I want nothing from anybody but their time and love. I would love to share my experiences with young people. I want to tell them about mistakes I made in my life. And how I corrected them. So they can learn something from it.

I am lonely. I have more than enough money. But I need someone to talk. And yes remember one thing. Everybody has to go through this phase of life. I am like that yellow brownish leaf which is about to fall. Those new fresh green leaves are laughing at me. But they have no idea that few years back I was just like them. And after some years they will become like how I am.
I know I forget things, faces and names too. Sometimes I get lost in my own city. But I am happy and satisfied. My journey of life has been beautiful. I have no regrets. I have no complaints against anybody. I love my life and my life loves me. I will live happily till the end.
Life is God's gift. I accept it as His blessings.
After so many days I met someone to talk. I am so happy talking to you. God bless you."

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