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Letters to the Future #1: To My Future Self

Jenny is a twenty-something-year-old who loves writing novels, poems and articles about her experiences in life.


To My Future Self,

Hi, older one.

I want to congratulate you for sticking it out. We've been through some hard time, didn't we? You may be thinking that you're weak but please take a quick look at the mirror and see that this girl has made it through some tough days and will still be able to make it through the tougher ones. You may look fragile, but standing right where you are, just means that you're one stubborn creature. Again, congratulations.

Listen, don't stop growing up or growing older. Age might only be a number but your years are also proof of your journey, of your experiences, of the knowledge that kept on piling up through time. Don't be scared. Even how many years passed, you still have a me in you. Your youth will stay as long as you will let it.

You may or may not have found the one yet, but please take your time. Don't be frustrated. Some love stories may take more time than others. Don't look nor wait consciously. Let him come in his own will, his own time. That's how you'd know he's real. And if some magic happened and you're already with him, then lucky you. You are now able to open your heart. Keep it up and be yourself. But please love yourself a little bit more than him. You can only love so much.

Give yourself a break. Don't be pressured to do things that you cannot or be doubtful of the things that you can. Don't be discouraged of the words from other's mouths. You've been through more than I did. You must know better.

Let yourself breathe. Let yourself feel. Being happy doesn't mean being perfect. Being alive doesn't mean you have to be okay all the time. Breathe.

And most especially, remember me. Remember the child you, the teen you, the young you. Remember me like an old friend you will always bring in your heart. Because I am what makes you. The one who made your limbs stronger, your heart bigger, your mind wider. I am your foundation so don't let the future forget your past, as I am a remembrance of all the love you've given and lost. I'm also the one to remind you of all the love that has been given to you.

Love me as I love you, no matter what the future holds.

Wishing you luck,

A younger you.

© 2019 ThatWallflowerJen

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