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Once in a while inspiration strikes and I start to scribble away. Writing has always been a way to vent, to express something or anything.


The Story (some of it)

There she sits at the table, waiting for me to return from the bathroom. I stop and grab a couple more cosmopolitans at the bar, watching her from a distance. I feel my heart melt in my chest. She is beautiful, only she does not know how beautiful she is. She does not know that when she smiles she lights up the whole room. When she speaks everyone is quiet to listen. She cannot see how people stare at her, trying to pick her apart and understand the complexity of her. She has hair like dark silk, and bright blue eyes that look right through you. You cannot lie to her. She will figure you out in a heartbeat. She is the kind of woman that will look at you and already know so much about your character.

I had to suppress a laugh as I thought about that. I would always bring my dates to her to figure out. She was always right about them. She would talk to them a little and observe them, in a short period of time she was able to tell if someone was good or bad, full of honesty or lies. She could tell if the person was a cheater, loyal, drug addict, abusive, controlling, or anything else. It was not that I couldn't figure these things out for myself. It was just that it took longer for me to do, and when I already knew the truth, I would compromise with myself. I would say,

"Well, maybe this one is different. Maybe I will give him a chance." In the end she was usually right, and I only took the hard way out.

Her name is Leeandra, but some of us call her Leah. We grew up as close as any two sisters could be. We shared the same hardships, sometimes the same dreams, and visions and emotions. We grew up as each other's best friends and confidants. We were inseparable. We thought looked and acted like twins, really she was a couple years younger than I was.

She was always jealous of me growing up, she said I was the pretty one. I always laughed at her and playfully hit her shoulder. That was far from the truth. She was the pretty one, I was always the one jealous of her. She was very special.

I smiled at the bartender and grabbed our drinks. Leeandra smiled when I sat another Cosmo in front of her.
"Thank you." She said taking a sip of the sweet red drink. "I can't stop thinking about last night." She said with a shake of her head. "The dreams have just gotten stronger. I feel like I am in a constant battle, and I don't know what I am fighting for."
"Your fighting for your soul." I said. "You have insight. You have a gift. It is yours, not anyone else's. They will try to take it from you. Those of the other world do not want us to see what is really there. They want you to stay quiet. But, we are in this together and we will not stay quiet." I took a big drink and sat my glass down, tapping the leg of it with my fingernail. Leeandra's eyebrow raised, she cocked her head and looked at me intently.

"What are you thinking?"

"I will help you tell your story. I understand you, perhaps not fully, but I do. Sometimes I am there with you. Our souls are linked. We were meant to fight this together. Remember this is a war for the souls of mankind. Soon it will all be over. Look at us, this is disgusting." I said tossing my hand to our buzzing surroundings. "The world is falling apart. Were all blowing each other up, getting' swallowed up by rising natural disasters, were shooting our teachers, killing brothers and sisters, families turn against each other and betray their own blood, no child is safe from this place. Every day is a fight just to live. We should know that better than anyone. They will know what is really there."

Leeandra only nodded and took another sip of her drink and closed her eyes. I felt my heart freeze in my chest, as though someone had clenched her hand around it. The room grew silent as I looked around. It was happening again. Not now, not now. Within seconds the room was as dark as night, faces jumped out of the darkness at me, their hollow eyes and gaping, elongated faces laughing. My ears were filled with their hissing and teasing. I looked around the club. There were so many empty people. Dark beings danced in and out of them, pulling at their hips, biting their necks, whispering in their ears. No one noticed, no one could see. I shook my head and it went away. Leeandra looked at me,

"Are you okay?" She asked. I nodded and finished my drink. I would need alot more than this tonight. It was not going to be a good night. Leeandra and I retreated to our apartment and began to wind down for the night. "I have a feeling they will be back tonight." She said to me. I frowned. There was nothing I could say or do to help her. If I could walk through hell for her I would do it without hesitating.

Covered by the nights blanket we drifted away. Leeandra did not twist and turn. She couldn't if she wanted to. Laying there she stared into the darkness of her eyelids, when the figures began to form. The world began to shake, and then she was falling. Two strong hands caught her and pinned her against a wall, putting his hands over her mouth. It was him. There was no telling who this man was. He was not a man at all, but either of heaven or hell. His hands moved to her neck, choking her, taking her breath away. Leeandra thrashed about, crying, trying to pull away. Why wouldn't he ever leave her alone. The dark one was covered completely in a black hooded cape, his hands a pale white, almost greenish, his nails sharp, his breath reeking. All of a sudden he was gone, she was left panting on the floor. Still, she knew he did not leave, but was hiding in the darkness.

A dark wasteland appeared. Smoke rose up from the ground, buildings were crumbled, no life existed. The sky flashed with sad faces and crying eyes. She tried to scream but nothing came out. It was cold and dark. Where was God? She began to wander, unable to escape. The only way to go was forward. Looking around she saw it was the street we lived on. There were no windows in any buildings, graffiti covered the bricks and the roads were broken into huge slabs of blacktop. The ground was hot, rivers of orange fire raced below it, bubbling up here and there. She came to a cliff, and stood on the end. On the other side was the rest of town, and I stood there reaching to her. She again tried to call out but could not. The dark wind picked up, tossing our hair around, bringing to our nostrils the stench of rot. The sky parted like a veil, revealing a bright blue sky. Leeandra smiled and looked into the beauty of it, the blue sky she took for granted was now a piece of heaven. A kind face passed behind it hidden in the clouds. Then the sky was slammed shut, a great dark cloud passed over it, raining fire onto us as it closed out our hope, a loud scream echoed throughout the sky, sending us to our knees with our hands over our ears. We were trapped....


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