Leave Me, I Can't Take This Anymore!

Updated on January 5, 2018
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Hi, I love to compose poems, articles & love to be engaged with my creative minds. Audience support and encouragement gives me motivation.

Leave me, I can't take this anymore !

It was the summer season when the Sun was smiling looking down towards the earth, the wind was blowing gently pleasing all the city dwellers, flowers were blooming celebrating their happy moments and the rivers and lakes were busy finding their way to survive. While nature was busy among themselves, God was busy knitting the sweater of love between two teenagers, Jack and Rose. The couple was totally unaware of their new upcoming chapter of life that the God was writing for them.

Jack and Rose were just good friends. Yes, the friends who used to spend time with each other, have friendly chats and jokes, loyal to each other, and share their every aspect of life. Well, there is a say that a boy and a girl can't be just good friends. Is it so?

While sharing their happy moments with each other, one day Jack came to realize that he had started falling for her. He was totally unaware of the fact when his liking got converted into his love. It was a full moon night. The sky was covered with twinkling stars and the moonlight was peeping through the window of Rose's room. She was busy preparing for the next day's lecture. Suddenly, a message entered her phone. It was the message of Love, a message that expressed Jack's feelings. It was true that the message touched her heart but still, she didn't utter a single word for a minute. She just went through the message and kept her phone down on her study table. This was because, she wanted to keep distance with him but it was not the wish of the God.

Hours passed away and Jack started losing his patience. Next day without any delay, he made a call to Rose and asked in a panic, “What happen? Are you okay?” In a tone of avoidance, Rose replied, “Yes am okay. What will happen to me?” This was the first verbal conversation that they had over a phone after Jack's confession. But it was definitely not the last one.

Days passed by and their conversations started becoming longer and longer. While on the other side the relationship between the little nineteens was growing stronger and stronger. But suddenly after a few months, everything started to change.

It was the new moon night. A night of darkness. A night that devoured the love and happiness completely from their life. A strong wind was blowing along with a terrible thunder and lightning. Rose was busy running to shut down all the windows of her house but she was unaware of the fact that the evil had already entered through her window of fate. Something was killing inside her. Believing in herself she immediately sent a message to Jack, “Hey! Are you okay?” But Jack didn't respond. She sent the same message repeatedly. The messages were viewed but there was no response. She called him just to hear his voice, the voice of satisfaction, the voice that would make her feel alive, but she failed again and again. After a very long time, a message rang on her phone. She opened the message hurriedly but was shocked. It was written, “Leave me, I can't take this anymore”. Her eyes were filled with water. She knew all his pasts, she knew that she was his present but she didn't know that she would not be his future. With her blurred eyes she just typed, “Why?” The same message peeped into her phone, “Leave me, I can't take this any more”. “I can't forget her”. “Leave me.”

A huge storm was blowing outside with a heavy rain. People were running here and there for a shelter. Plenty of trees were falling down. Everything was getting squandered, including Rose's heart which was broken into pieces. She wanted to cover her pain hiding her face in the pillows. But only her pillows were the witness of her tears for that night. After sometime, losing patience, Rose sent the last message to Jack saying, “Ok, am leaving you. I can't also take this anymore.”

Next morning, it was a cloudy weather with no sign of rain. But the storm that prevailed last night had destroyed a lot. All the newspaper held the same headlines. Jack, like all usual days, was sitting in his house, busy reading the newspaper headlines. Suddenly, while turning the newspaper pages he came across a small piece of news that shivered his whole body. Immediately scrolling down his contacts he made a call. The phone was ringing but no one was there to take it. He made the call continuously and atlast there was a voice from the other side. Jack with his trembling heartbeat said, “Hello! I am Jack, the friend of Rose. Is she alright?” A weeping voice from the other end replied, “It is written in the letter, I am leaving you. I can't also take this anymore.”

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        Arabinda Saha 

        13 months ago

        Liked it but why to write such sad...


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