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Law of the Wolves

I have experienced many things in life. I am thankful for every single one. It is how we learn lessons. I love to share those things.

Howl to the Heavens


Fire Sticks

I am the alpha male. I once led a pack of wolves. We hunted in the wilderness. The red humans hunted many times not far away from us. We had no concern for they hunted to survive as we do. When the white faces came, we shied away from their thunder and fire. They could stand and kill from a much further distance than the red humans and their sticks.

A bright sun sparkled the waters. We drank by the creek between the hills. I could smell the white faces and I could hear them creeping through the woods. Thunders of fire sticks blasted from the shadows of the tree line. As I looked into the eyes of a female, she yelped and fell dead in the creek. I rushed behind a mighty oak and turned to see my fellow wolves falling, struggling to run, and dying.

Many footsteps I could hear and loud voices of victory. I ran quickly from the oak and dashed over the creek rocks to a thick brush. Two thunders sounded and I heard leaves ripping. A sting burned in my back leg as I rushed to a safe place. I made my way to the tall grass, laid down, and licked my bleeding wound. It was a hole from the thunder stick. I had seen such holes in bears, buffalo, and deer.

The Lone Witness


The Red Humans

As I hid in the grass, I heard pups yelping and soon heard nothing but proud voices breaking the silence of the wilderness. The setting sun was above the big hill as the smell of the white faces faded. I could hear no more voices. The breeze bent the grasses and carried a scent of death to me. I felt weak as I made my way back to the wolf pack.

I stood on a small hill by the creek. I looked up and saw the spirits. The old and young male spirits howled. The female spirits licked their pups. Looking down, I saw the bodies of my pack. Pups were scattered and all were dead. I thought of how the red humans would follow us to hunt many times to find food. A few times in the winters, we followed them to find food. These white face killings were not survival. No flesh was taken to eat.

The spirits howled from above the trees and I understood their cries. We had crossed a camp of red humans the day before. The spirits commanded that I go to the red humans. The moon was large and the night air was still as I sat on the slope of a hill. I watched them dance and paint their faces. I limped slowly down the hillside. I was not many steps away from the light of their fire when the dancing stopped.

One red human screamed and raised his spear. He was the alpha male. I stood and stared into his eyes. He commanded silence and walked toward me. He knelt down, raised his hands, and cried out, "Follow the wolf!" I sat and rested as they gathered and mounted horses. A few of them carried fire sticks like the white faces.

The alpha male rode his horse up to me, looked down, and pointed to the spirits of my pack that surrounded me. As the spirits entered my body, he commanded again, "Follow the wolf!"

Vengeance Rides



I turned and ran like never before. Thunders of horse's hoofs followed behind me. I ran over hills and across creeks. I could soon smell the white faces. I followed the smell and slowed my pace. War cries had long been silenced as we made our way quietly through the deep woods. As we approached the camp of the white faces, the alpha male looked into my eyes again. It was as if he saw the killings that I saw at the creek. His eyes turned cold, wild, and dark.

The red humans dismounted their horses and quietly surrounded the camp. They were like ants covering a drop of blood. I was close enough to see the fear on the white faces. I turned and made my way up the hill as I heard and smelled the death behind me. I looked down from the hilltop and saw the red human alpha male pointing at me.

He stood among the bodies of the white faces, raised his arms, and cried out, "This is the law of the wolves; Do not kill what you do not need!" The large bright moon was to my right side. I made three howls and joined the spirits of my pack. We roam the Earth. Spirits of the red humans follow us, forever in the wilderness. Heed to the law of the wolves.

The Spirits


© 2022 Tom Cornett

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