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Latent potential

Being a content creator,it is honour to work on this huge plateform about any aspects.I hope;my articles woud give you something more.

The pompous knight haughtily looked down upon the small, teary pawn. In his gruff,gravelly voice which had rang out across the hall, he had asked her to be only what she was meant to be,nothing more. He then turned his royal steed around and cantered away. The pawn was sobbing away when she heard a rustling in the shadows of the curtains adorning the balcony entrance behind her.She turned and found herself looking at the King's bishop.His kind wizened face wore a consoling smile as he patted her on the back.In a soothing tone,he told her that the knight was right in a way.


He told her she must be what she was meant to be,and what she was meant to be was truly great.The bishop was a wise sage whose words got her pondering upon her destiny.The pawn didn't know then how she would be great,only that she would be great one day;the bishop had foreseen her latent potential.So the pawn set out to do what every pawn did.She kept marching across the kingdom in search of her destiny.But unlike the other pawns before her who often lost their path,their speed or,often,their determination,She lost nothing.Fueled on by the bishops prophecy,the pawn marched on in the face of adversities.

After countless obstacles and hindrances,the pawn reached the farthest stretches of the kingdoms border,the land of the enemy,the land where few dared to enter and fewer still survived.She slid past the trenches and the defenses,the oblivious Knights and the Rooks who were too preoccupied to notice the measly pawn making her way across their land.The pawn finally reached the place where she knew she was meant to be.The destination of her destiny.She stopped a few paces away from the lake that she had seen for the first time in her life,yet knew so well.


She started walking towards it,feeling a growing unexplained surge of power the nearer she went.The enemy King perched upon his throne could only watch as the pawn drew closer and closer to the border.The pawn finally stood at the edge of the lake,the edge of the kingdom and caught her reflection in the water.The reflection smiled back at her.For there,atop her head,lay a gleaming Queen's Crown.

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