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Last of the Great Snowball Fights

Updated on November 15, 2016
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I have to tell you about a snowball fight to end all snowball fights. I won't hang my head if you refuse to believe it. Had I not seen it, I doubt if I would think it true myself. It happened years ago in a small town which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty.

Leading up to the snowball fight, the area experienced one of the heaviest, wettest snow falls known to all but the oldest residents. As you may know, wet snow compacts into the best kind of snowball. A person can work wet snow into an almost rock-hard snowball.

When school let out that day, snowballs flew like bats out of a cave at sundown. One kid tried to escape by boarding a bus and so many snowballs went through the open door the driver couldn't close it; he drove off in a panic before another kid could jump aboard. Kids who couldn't throw a baseball over home plate zeroed in on other kids with unerring aim as they winged their snowballs across the school yard.

Then the teachers came out.

A yell went up and kids started pelting them. The kids thought the teachers would run away but, no, they joined in. A party of Christmas carolers strolled by and kids and teachers turned on them — and they retaliated.

The mob of snow-ballers kept searching for more snow.

The yelling and screaming began to draw people from all over town. Eventually, everyone had to move across the schoolyard to find fresh snow to form into deadly round hard white balls.

One of the older kids dashed home and returned lugging a huge slingshot he had constructed out of tree limbs. He had used an entire inner tube to make the sling. It took four boys and a girl to manipulate it. They started pelting everyone within reach with basketball-size snowballs. Bill Reedy, the blacksmith, showed up with a snow shovel and used that to catapult some of the huge snowballs. People said later one of Bill's heavy snowballs hit Mayor Sanders and knocked him out.

The mob of snowballers kept moving away, searching for more snow. Pretty soon they passed out of sight at the edge of town — yelling, screaming and snow-balling.

Well, I would have joined the melee but my teacher, Mrs. Grooch, had kept me after school to finish some lessons, so I could only peek out the window once in a while. I always missed out on things back then.

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