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Lament of the First born

Once I was the only, and they watched me so close;

They thrilled at my waking, and when I ate toast.

Now there is another; she has taken my place.

They dote on every move, every look on her face.

I am so angry; I was the first.

I will get even; I’ll give them my worst!

But that doesn’t work, and they only get mad;

no smiles or hugs, just words that make me sad.

Oh what shall I do, for she’s here to stay.

I have some toys; I guess that I’ll play.

When the sun is warm I can run in the yard.

Lots of things to do; this isn’t so hard.

Parents are better seen and not heard.

It’s best not to hang on their every word.

Enough they are here; I want them nearby.

I’ve too much to do, to feel, and to try.

For all the firstborns, at the coming of younger siblings, but especially for HH.

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