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Lady of the Night

Amanda Nechesa is sucker for the fictional world, she always has been. She finds joy in creating little worlds with her fictional charact


A girl is standing by side of the road. She is tall and slender and beautiful. She is also cold. I watch as she shivers, and my conscience tells me to take her the warm jacket sitting comfortably on the backseat of my black Toyota Corolla. I don't listen to it.

Instead, I take out the camera, its Nikon and brown. One, two, three. There, she has gone from just an object in my eyesight to a high resolution image in the camera I just borrowed. I smile as I look at the image.

In it, I see her. Her short black tight dress clinging to her body, her brown ankle leather boots, her brown small purse, her long braided hair. I see it all and I see more. I see the sadness in her eyes, the discomfort in the way she stands, the distress in the way her left hand holds her purse, the anger beneath it all.

The image has Pain written all over it.

I focus my attention back to her. She seems anxious now. Is it because it's getting late? I glance at my wrist watch. It's ten minutes past nine. It's not that late baby, stay longer, entertain me; my mind pleads with her.

My mind is not that powerful though. She seems more anxious now. She open her purse and unsurprisingly pulls out a phone.A minute later, she is holding it by her ear. I don't get to hear her voice, or what she talks about with the person on the other line. I can only read her face, and her body and may I say, her soul.

She is happy to be talking to this person, I gather as I see the smile on her red painted lips. She is happy but not elated, if she were talking to me, I am sure she will be more than elated. She laughs a little a few minutes into the conversation and I watch as the pain is washed away from her. This person, whoever it is, has that ability to take away her pain. I do not like that.

Nevertheless, I take the camera and capture the Painless image.

The conversation lasts shorter than I thought. I watch the happy state she is still in after it's over,Then, I watch as it changes. This time however, it does not change to the pain-filled girl of a few minutes ago. This time it changes to a different a girl. A confident-filled girl.

Am confused for a second why she had this sudden change, then I see it. A grey Mercedes driving towards her with such purpose. It stops just a few blocks from me. I watch as she puts on a smile. It's not the kind of smile she had when she was talking over the phone. It's a different kind of smile. It's the kind of smile that lets you know she is yours for the night.

I watch it, and now am not sure if i prefer this smile or the other one. The driver's door is opening, and out comes a short fat man. He is wearing a sly smirk that I would really love to punch out of his round stupid face.

She is still smiling that smile of hers as her legs carry her towards him.

The camera is out again. That smile deserves to be captured.

She reaches him, and they hug. He is a gentleman. He opens the passenger door for her.

My heart breaks as she closes the door. It breaks a little further as he starts driving away.

I sigh, return the camera to the bag, wear my warm jacket that was sitting comfortably on the backseat of my black Toyota Corolla, adjust my seat and drive away into the night.

© 2019 Amanda Nechesa

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