La Pisadeira

Updated on December 29, 2017

La pisadeira, she watches.

In the cover of night, in the sweet Brazilian air, her red eyes linger on families that feel safe inside of their homes. This woman, she is not nice. Her intentions are not good. There is no love for mankind to be found in her dark soul. She creeps through the dark with her tall, skinny body and lurks along rooftops, watching families as they eat their dinner. Her figure is lost in the black of night, an innocuous shadow in expanses of intense dark. There is one thing on her mind, and it's that one thing that draws her forward.

La pisadeira, she watches.

As children get put to bed, and as adults fall asleep too. She lingers until someone goes to bed with a full stomach. With the stealth of something supernatural, she will sneak into her victim's bedroom. Don't lay on your back if you go to sleep after eating a meal, or she might choose you. Protect yourself from la pisadeira, or it will be you that hears her raucous laughter in the dead of night as she sneaks into your bedroom.

Then la pisadeira, she does more than watch.

She will sit on her victim's chest and trap them between sleep and consciousness. While they are helpless and cannot move, she will watch as her victim panics. Those that try to call for help or fight are particularly panicked when they find out they can do neither. Their eyes may open, but they're paralyzed and only la pisadeira can move. Her victim can feel the malevolent force in the room with them as they lay still, vulnerable and unable to move.

The worst part, as some survivors might say, is the sound of her call when she's found her victim. It's loud, abrasive, and definitely laughter. The sound of it causes most to open their eyes, but they're still trapped with part of their mind in sleep mode. Their conscious mind might be awake, but their body is inaccessibly asleep.

As la pisadeira watches, her victim has a chance to watch back; it's all they can do. They will witness the way her crooked nose pokes out of messy hair, thick and unbrushed and as she snaps her sharp teeth and giggles at the presence of her victim's fear, it is clear that the inside of her mouth is a sickly green. Her laugh is shrill and those who hear it know they have been targeted. It's a sound that any who have heard it will never forget, something that's been burned into their memories forever. haunting them throughout their lives. Her every detail is messy, her every detail is sharp. All behind those wide, red eyes that almost seem to glow on her face in the dark.

Some see demons or lizard-faces turn to greet them while they're sitting in the dark with someone they believe to be someone they know. One moment it could be your mother, sitting patiently at your bedside while you snooze and the next a demon could turn to look you in the eye with an expression on its face that could make even the bravest tremble in fear.

The fear she causes in her victim nourishes la pisadeira, feeding her and giving her power. The more afraid her victim is, the stronger she will be. You can't run, you can't scream. There is no escaping la pisadeira once she has sat on your chest and chosen you as her victim.

If the victim is lucky, la pisadeira will end things by killing them on her first visit. Suffocation is her method of choice, granted by sitting on her victim's chest or kicking them in the stomach. It's a terrible thing, to die of lack of oxygen, but it's not as bad as what she could do to someone if they didn't die and she kept tormenting them; she could drive them mad from torment. The torture they endured will only have to be endured again if the victim is set free, because la pisadeira doesn't give up on feasting until her victim is dead. The second night of fright will be more intense, giving la pisadeira a better meal. She likes when you're afraid, she feeds on that fear.

La pisadeira, she watches, and she is not kind.

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      • Guckenberger profile image

        Alexander James Guckenberger 

        16 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

        Very awesome.

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        16 months ago from Queensland Australia

        Very interesting and scary. Thanks for sharing.


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