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Knight - Flash Fiction

I write classic "good vs evil" creative writing pieces with smart twists inspired by vintage action cinema, gaming, and heavy metal.


"Suspect Interrogation, Day 1 - Lord Commander Cog. Interrogated by: Detective Luger." A stern, deep voice spoke into a voice recorder, "The suspect doesn't have any records in police or any other database nor does he have any normal-sounding names." Detective Luger unbuttoned his holster, letting his custom Colt 45. breathe. He favored stopping power and hardiness since during his career, he mostly dealt with the tougher, more hostile and unhinged criminals at a closer distance; earning him a good reputation within the NYPD.

Pistol-whipping psychotics and putting down a crazed MMA fighter experiencing roid rage was a normal day to Detective Luger.
"The suspect was brought in unconscious and covered in blood - I see deep and severe scars that would kill an average person. The scars seem to be very old and made with claws bigger than a grizzly bear's."

"You realise that these restraints won't hold me for long?!" a weary yet battle-hardened voice interrupted, "Tis a matter of time before the Abomination contaminates your world!"

Detective Luger, calmly continued, "The suspect calls himself the Chain Knight and required a whole SWAT element to detain - ending careers of 4 police officers - restrained by reinforced chains." The detective looked at the detained knight, studying his battle-ravaged clothes and scars.

"Upon arrest, he wore some kind of medieval armor that could stop automatic rifle fire, carrying a heavy shield and some kind of chainsaw mounted on top of a chain-mail gauntlet."Luger set the voice recorder down at the interrogation table and sat closer to the knight, "Tell me, Lord Commander, what is this Abomination you speak of? Maybe the NYPD can help you."

The knight looked up at the detective and answered in a worried yet regal manner, "The Abomination defeated far more formidable warriors - broke them even when they were far away from the battlefield - imagine experienced, well-trained soldiers, crying and screaming about something coming for them - foaming at the mouth and being afraid of being alone in a room."

Luger thought of his past case, a veteran Navy SEAL who went on a rampage, who had severe PTSD and spoke of nightmarish visions. "Now Lord Commander," Luger began, "I seen formidable warriors break but they were from our world - would you say the Abomination got to them too?"

"His reach goes far beyond the realms of Ania," Cog replied, "The Order of the Chain Knights tried to prevent this but we were betrayed and disavowed - sent on a suicide mission instead of protecting your realm only to be abandoned behind enemy lines!" The hardened warrior, after another attempt to break free, finished, "Best warriors of Ania died not in battle but dropped into a zone where the air is heavy and poisonous - didn't even swing their weapons!"


"How did you survive?" the detective asked

"I went to fight the Abomination alone, sacrificing my status and now, to my people I'm a traitor and a criminal - a mass murdering savage controlled by bloodlust and hatred!" Cog answered, "I almost completed my mission - stopped the priests from conducting time bending rituals for the Abomination." Luger suddenly felt something in his head, his imagination went from trying to make sense from the interrogation to a clear and vivid image of Cog rampaging through some kind of twisted cathedral. The chain-gauntlet's vicious roar echoed in his ears along with a battle cry to make a grizzly bear backpedal.

Detective Luger began to understand his suspect and no longer did he think that Cog was just a psychotic gone wrong - the knight's memory has traveled to his mind.
"Now do you see?" Cog enquired.

"If I give you an escape window, what will you do then?" Luger asked nervously, getting worried that Cog will wipe out the entire precinct if they show resistance, "Can't you show what you showed me?"

Cog helplessly replied, "I can't, memory projection only works face to face, one on one and we don't have time for that - the Abomination is seeking me through your realm; I shall lead him away from your people and smite him in mortal combat."

Luger hastily switched off his voice recorder, checked the CCTV camera above and kneeling closer to the knight, he whispered, "Your armor and weapons are in the van outside, we were going to bring it later since we can't lift it all." The detective then mimicked a zombified/hypnotised state, pulling out his gun and firing at the chains."

"Set knight free." he murmured pretending to be hypnotised.

The last thing Luger recalls is the knight handing him a heavy necklace of an ornate clutch assembly from a large chainsaw with an inscription "De Vi Doloris."
"If I shall fall, the realm of Ania will feel it - its sorrow will be felt in your realm too - when the purple sky weeps and when the day ends - you will have a guest; give him this." The words echoed in the detective's ears while his mind was a slideshow of blood, gore, and pain.


© 2019 Jake Clawson

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