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Karen and Kash

I cut my teeth writing on Hubpages back in 2009. I've written 17 novels, numerous songs, and short stories since. I love to write love.

At the salon.



Karen had just finished her 15 minutes under the hairdryer, sat in Marge's chair, and said, "I hope these curls hold up through tonight's party." Marge unpinned and pulled out a plastic curler slowly, chuckled, and said, "Depends on how wild the party is." Karen looked up at Marge, smirked, and said, "It's a bachelorette party for my future sister-in-law, there under the number four dryer. She's no way good enough for my brother but he has insisted on marrying her." Karen scrunched her nose and snarled, "She got pregnant just to hook him." Marge looked at the young woman under the number 4 dryer who was reading a magazine and said, "She is very pretty. Looks as if she's a few months along?" Karen snapped, "Yes she is. The kid probably isn't even my brother's. I can't stand her."

Marge backed away a little and said, "Wow, you came here with her. I saw you both laughing and smiling earlier." Karen grumbled, "Well I have to be nice to her, but just thinking about the future Mrs. Kenny Norphig makes me want to gag. My sweet brother Kenny is the richest bachelor in town. He's very wealthy." Marge unrolled another curler and said, "I have heard his name a few times. I kind of know how you feel. I have a sister-in-law I didn't like." Karen grinned and said, "Really?" Marge said, "Yes. Back in 1983, she married my brother just before he left to go to work on oil rigs overseas. It was government work. She was also with child and I didn't trust her at all." Karen's ears were perked and sucking in every juicy negative word that Marge might speak. Marge said, "She actually had to stay with my parents and they pretty much supported her and her newborn daughter."

Marge wiped a small tear and continued, "My brother was in a terrible explosion accident and was killed on his daughter's first birthday. His wife, Sherry received government benefits and moved away. She never remarried." Karen snipped," Probably because she'd lose those benefits." Marge pulled out a curler, fluffed the hair, and said, "She would have lost the benefits, true." Karen curiously asked, "Where is she now?" Marge answered, "She moved from West Virginia to Texas because of her job and then back here to Ohio. She and her boyfriend live in Cleveland now." Karen said, "Boyfriend?"

Marge chuckled and said, "Well, man friend. I see her and my niece Jamie every Christmas and sometimes at reunions." Karen asked, "So you like her now?" Marge answered, "No...I love her. She's like a sister to me and when I got to know her, I realized she truly loved my brother." Karen snarled, "There's no way I'm going to love that woman under that dryer." Marge looked at the young woman. The young woman looked at Marge and Karen with a smile. Karen developed and beamed a fake smile that would win an Oscar.

Marge began removing the back white plastic curlers and Karen asked, "Are you kind of hinting that I might someday accept Sally?" Marge grinned and said, "Well, I've always believed it's always good for a soul to look for the good in other souls. " As Marge pulled the last curler out, Karen rolled her eyes and said, "I know there's nothing good about that Sally. She's a little man leech." Marge finished Karen's hairdo, smiled, and said, "Well I hope you have a good time at the party."

Curls curls


The party.

It was nearly seven months later when Sally Norphig came into the salon alone. Marge recognized her as being Karen's sister-in-law and maneuvered customers so she could serve Sally. Marge was curious. As Sally sat in the chair, Marge said, "I remember you. I did your sister-in-law, Karen's hair a few months ago. You were under the dryer." Sally smiled and said, "Yes and I was pregnant with my beautiful baby boy. Marge smiled and said, " babies. You ladies were getting ready for a party. How did it go?"

Sally chuckled as she sat back in the chair and answered, "Karen drank a few too many Slow Gin Fizzes and told everyone there how she truly felt about me. She threw the snack tray at a friend who told her to calm down. She stumbled and fell into the punch bowl while screaming that I was a man leech." Marge said, "Wow. Was she hurt?" Sally grinned and answered, "Just her pride. She finally cursed me and said she would not be attending the wedding. She even kicked a few dents in my car fender with her high heels before she left the Country Club parking lot."

At the Country Club.


Where is Karen?

Marge asked, "She was that mad?" Sally laughed and answered, "If her big brown curls could have launched grenades, I would have been blown up." Marge laughed and said, "I do make pretty tough curls." Sally laughed and said, "Yes you do. They were bouncing every time she stomped her feet." Sally told Marge she just wanted a trim with the sided feathered as their laughter subsided.

Marge began cutting Sally's hair and asked, "Did Karen ever come around?" Sally smiled and said, "Karen didn't attend the wedding. She had quit speaking to her brother and me. My son was around three weeks old when I ran into Karen at the Beaver Creek Mall." Sally smiled at Marge and continued, "She avoided me at first, then walked up to me and asked me if she could hold the baby. I handed him to her and she stood crying and kissing his forehead while telling me that he looked just like Kenny. She apologized over and over and asked me to forgive her." Marge asked, "Did you?" Sally answered, "Of course. I hugged her and told her it was wonderful to finally have a sister in my life. We are so close now."

Marge asked, "By the way, where is Karen? Sally smiled and answered, "With my sweet baby boy Kenneth Kash Norphig. She loves taking him to the park. I'm going straight to my lawyer's office after I leave here. I'm divorcing Kenny. Never could stand that little yuppie worm but he is quite wealthy. Love Karen though." Marge backed up a little and said, "Wow...guess you married him for his money then?" Sally smirked and answered, "Of course. He's a dork." Marge asked, "Did you give the baby his middle name after Johnny Cash?" Sally confusingly asked, "Who's he?"

Happy clever after.


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