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Juste Taquiner Un Peu

“I’m so glad you brought me to Paris with you this time.” Blaine murmured, looking over to Sebastian with a genuinely warm expression. The two of them weren’t dating, but things were definitely better than they had been in the past. After Blaine had broken up with the boy he'd been dating when he'd first met Sebastian, they were both pretty surprised the next time they saw each other. Sebastian had been helpful and caring enough to listen, even if he had quite a few sassy things to say about the other boy in the conversation. He had let up when Blaine had mentioned he didn’t want to hear it, because he knew that he could get a little on the long winded side about things he shouldn’t really talk about. Sebastian was many things, but blatantly disrespectful to Blaine wasn’t one of them anymore.

“Anytime, Killer.” Sebastian quipped, tipping his chin with a smirk overtaking his expressions. “And after all.. Je voulais vous montrer d'où je venais.” He winked, then let out a short laugh.

“You keep doing that.” Blaine mentioned, sitting up a little straighter as he reached out to grab his hot chocolate. It was one of those fancy cups, with cinnamon, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and even a cherry on top. Sebastian had a matching cup, sans cherry (because Blaine had already stolen it), warming his hands. Winter in Paris could get pretty chilly, and with Christmas coming right around the corner it was definitely beginning to get pretty cold. “Ever since we got here, you take every chance to say something in French that you can, like you don’t want me to understand. Are you hiding something, Sebastian?” There was a hint of playfulness in his tone, even as his hazel hues looked at Sebastian in one of those innocent expressions that sent chills through the taller boy’s body.

“What can I say? J'aime les français. It’s beautiful, non? Attendez jusqu'à ce que j'ai commencer à flirter. Tout est beau dans cette langue.” Sebastian returned, and though his words were light and jovial, there was a darker tone to his eyes in the way he looked at Blaine. It was predatorial, and it made Blaine want to fan himself. He looked away a little, then tipped his head and looked back at Sebastian, his eyebrows raised as though he were completely lost.


“There you go again. You’re just…” Blaine shook his head, his lips pulled up in an amused, happy little smile. It warmed Sebastian, because there had been times where it had looked like Blaine would never get over his break up with Kurt, even now when months and months had gone by. Times like this reminded Sebastian why he stayed there for Blaine when things got dark. “..You’re too much, Sebastian.”

while Blaine shook his head a few more times, Sebastian laughed and got up, slowly headed for the kitchen. “I’m going to grab some more whipped cream, I ate all mine already. I know, I’m an addict.” He snorted, then twitched his lips up in a grin, lips parted as he turned to look over his shoulder at Blaine. “I might even grab myself another cherry if you think you can keep your greedy little fingers away from it this time. Vous adorable petit glouton. Il serait mon cerisier qui vous a volé.”

“I make no promises.” Blaine chuckled, rolling his eyes as he waved a hand dismissively. “But I can try.” As Sebastian walked away, Blaine took a sip from his hot chocolate and then set it down on the coffee table in front of him, looking back to the television where the commercials for the television show they were watching were coming to a close. They had to pay extra to get an expensive cable service to get all the American channels that they watched at home. Sebastian said he had done it for himself, but really, he had done it to make Blaine feel more at home.

“Je ne peux pas croire vous parfois, Sebastian.” Blaine whispered under his breath, looking over towards the kitchen.

“What did you say, mon petit chiot doux,” Sebastian called back from the kitchen. He hadn’t heard, and was a little curious but unsure if the sound he had heard were words directed at him or not. It wasn’t like the little hotel suite they were in was very big, the kitchen wasn’t very far away. They were in Paris to visit Sebastian’s Grandmother, but for some reason the Smythe boy hadn’t wanted to stay at her house. It gave them more privacy, and Blaine didn’t have to worry about feeling awkward in someone else’s home so he hadn’t put up a fuss.

“Oh it’s nothing, Seb. I didn’t say anything.” Blaine called back, louder this time so he was sure he was heard.

“If you say so.” Sebastian said with a shrug as he came back in with a drink that had been freshly topped off with whipped cream and a new cherry. “Oh hey, just in time. It’s back.” He said, gesturing to the television and them both pulled the blanket they shared over their laps and snuggled up with their hot chocolates. They weren’t necessarily snuggled up with each other, but they did share the same couch and the same blanket, and Blaine was sure he felt Sebastian’s hand on his leg at one point - just like Sebastian was sure he felt Blaine’s fingertips brush across his arm at another.

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