Just One Long Day - "Grey Issues"

Updated on July 24, 2017
Grey Issues
Grey Issues | Source

All the days that I have lived here on earth,

Question the purpose of a day,

From whence comes its worth?

What I know now, is deemed present tense,

Yet, it seems like one unending day,

Does that really make any sense?

Seconds, moments, and hours are all valid entries herein

You know! The segments that make up today,

How can one day seem like forever?

It feels as though the same day is being replayed,

There is no remote control to change channels

It is just one long day.

As if I sleep and wake, hence

Is the day over and has it really changed at all?

Oh, don’t mind me, what I am feeling,

Is merely residue from the fall!

The memo I don’t recall receiving,

I’m told the day has changed,

Check, look and see the calendar,

It is documented proof and plain to see,

The calendar cannot qualify eternity!

The premise of the day and how it

Orchestrates experiential activities, plans, and events,

Yeah, the seconds of time do that.

Where does this day really lead to?

Has time been prevaricated or even fabricated?

It appears the day is a continuous ongoing flow,

As if there were no yesterdays,

Just memories of the past,

Wait for tomorrow echoes in the background,

Just like a passing shadow,

Tomorrow must arrive and come first,

In order to experience its newness or oldness,

Wow! the day seems so very old,

Why does today just seem like merely an extended chord?

Sorrows lurking all around, posing like a sweet breeze

Winds blowing tornadoes of destruction like fresh air

Oh, perhaps it’s just me, just my soul resounding to grief,

One day we are told is as a thousand years,

Twenty four hours, twelve of the day and twelve of the night,

Yet it just seems like one long continuous day,

Month to month, year to year, decade to decade.

I’ve amassed three score decades plus some,

From baby to child, from child to adult

Here now! I go on with growing older gracefully,

Why does this day haunt me so like a silhouette,

As if there is only one day to live

It is a long, long extended day.

The night, midnight and twilight are no matches,

For the depth, length, and breadth of the day,

The struggles and challenges embedded therein

I can only see when I awake,

It is tomorrow and yesterday is gone,

Is time just one long day that mercy grants?

Just to get things right with the Creator

Which only repentance can accomplish.

Creator, I repent to think and to speak Your name,

I repent to thanks and praise proclaim,

I repent for all wrong I say and do,

I repent so that I can communicate with You

I repent so that I can worship You.


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting read. Good to see you publish.


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