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Julia Counts Her Blessings: A Short Story

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Adult Julia

Adult Julia

Julia Comes to This World

A woman was in the labor room of a reputable hospital, trying to give birth to her third child baby. In a few moments, a baby later to be named Julia, was born.

Mommy Recuperates and Takes Care of Julia

Mommy was released from the hospital and went home with the family to rest in bed.

It seemed with the love and care of her family, Mommy did recover. She was back on her feet again, walking around the house.

Julia was well taken care of. She was a healthy baby with chubby cheeks and a dimpled chin.

Julia Goes to School

Julia grew up and her parents thought it was time she attended school with her brothers. She would only have to draw pictures, color them and learn her A, B and C’s.

Julia liked the ride to school as much as she liked attending school. Soon she became the teachers’ pet at school. Julia was in joy.

Her brothers teased her all the time calling her names such as, “school pet”, “school crazy” and “A, B & C” girl.

Julia found her way upwards finishing her grades gracefully. After all, she was an intelligent girl being able to grasp her lessons and excel in them.

Mommy and Daddy Separate

Both Mommy and Daddy were doctors. After dropping their children at school, they went to the central hospital to work.

Gradually things turned for the worse because while Daddy remained true to his work and family, Mommy fell in love with a Deshi guy working together on a special case.

Daddy came to know the truth and was badly hurt. Mommy decided to leave the family and live together with the bachelor deshi guy.

This way Daddy and Mommy separated and went in their separate ways.

Daddy Tells his Kids the Shocking News

Daddy still had work and his family to manage. He found it hard to break the news to his kids. Nevertheless, he did.

The brothers were strong, hid their initial shock and consoled their only sister who started crying out in pain.

The Father Takes a Decision

After his sons' O-level exams (under University of London) were over, he decided to take the kids back to their home country where he felt his children would get a better education. After A-levels, they could go for higher studies. And he would relieve himself spending more time with his hometown buddies, playing chess, which he loved a lot.

The Father Passes Away

As time went by, Julia and her brothers were done with A-levels, and they were busy applying abroad.

The father, as he had planned, spent more time with his buddies playing chess.

One night after the father’s buddies left, he rested himself in his easy chair in the living room while Julia and her second brother went to sleep.

Julia’s eldest brother, in the meantime, had left for England. The mother after leaving her boyfriend joined her eldest son and lived with him.

On the other hand, that very night as the father rested on his easy chair and his kids slept, he felt a sharp pain in his chest until he could bear it no longer and succumbed to his chest pain.

The next morning, Julia and her brother were shocked to find their Dad still in his easy chair. They called an ambulance to carry him to the nearest hospital, and after they did so, the doctors there declared him to be dead already.

The Mother Joins Family

The mother and her eldest son headed towards their home city on hearing the news. Together the whole family mourned over Daddy’s death. The eldest son returned abroad where he thought he rightly belonged while the Mother started to take care of Julia and her second brother.

The Mother’s Decision and Julia’s Marriage Proposal

The mother wanted to resume medical service again. So she advised her children to stay in university dorms in the city while she went to the city outskirts to give medical service to the needy villagers. It may be mentioned here that the brother and sister couldn't earn scholarships from the universities abroad. So they decided to enroll in schools in the city for higher education.

The mother wanted to put Julia in marriage as she got a good marriage proposal from a colleague at her service. Julia met the man in question, talked to him and agreed to the marriage.

Pic: Julia Gets a Marriage Proposal

Pic: Julia Gets a Marriage Proposal

Julia Joins her Husband in the US and Gets Enrolled in School

Julia had a wonderful marriage ceremony with great pomp and show but her husband soon left for the US where he lived and worked.

After a few months of waiting, Julia joined her husband in the US.

Julia wanted to continue her studies and looked at different school curricula and finally chose “English Literature” at a nearby school.

She worked tediously at her studies as they got harder and more complex towards the end of her program. But she persevered and got herself a prestigious degree.

After celebrating the great achievement with family and friends, Julia started job hunting.

Julia Gets a Reputable Job

She got the job of teaching English Composition at the Community College. She was very much excited to start her career.

She found it more relaxing than a 9-5 job. She gave her all to the career and earned the love and respect of her students and colleagues magically.

Julia has Children and How She Manages All Issues

After two years had passed, one day Julia found herself very sick and went to the doctor for a checkup where test results showed that she was pregnant. Nine months later, she gave birth to a baby girl.

Meanwhile, in the US, companies started downsizing their employees at a faster pace, and in the process, her husband lost his job. Julia grieved a lot. Her husband assured her that soon everything would be okay. Nevertheless, Julia took matters into hand.

Her husband would cook and look after the baby girl while Julia would work on her career. She still had her job in her hands safe and sound.

That way they made it together for two years when Julia’s husband found himself a reputable job again.

With steady incomes from both parents, their baby girl got enough attention at the daycare center, and also, they catered to her needs and attention when they got back home.

One year passed by. Both parents still had their jobs. Now Julia gave birth to their second newborn, a baby boy. Mommy and Daddy were very happy to be proud parents once again.

Pic: Julia's Family with Their Children Grown a Little

Pic: Julia's Family with Their Children Grown a Little

Julia Feels Grateful

Too many times Julia had rows with her husband. Her in-laws bothered her. Office politics loomed up. She found it difficult to concentrate on her work or take care of the family properly.

But now that chapter of her life was gone with the wind. Her husband had maintained a steady job. They had a son and a daughter, and together with both their earnings, yes, they could cater to the family needs.

Julia counted her blessings and felt grateful, sitting in her cozy bed after putting the children to sleep. Her husband entered the bedroom, wrapped his arms around her and said, "I told you, we will make it, Julia.” Julia was smug and happy and said, “Yes, I know, honey.”

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