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Journal Of A Starfinder Entries 2 and 3

William Fike Log Entry 2....

Day Two

My room is very comfortable and if it wasn't for the pit in my stomach, I would have slept like a baby. Spent the first part of the morning at an early briefing and breakfast with the senior officers and civilian staff. Sgt Issac Howard was not present which made me curious enough to ask why. The marine staff was still busy seeing to the security measures aboard the Stellar Hope and had been working through the night to see that she was safe. I of course understood and was more than appreciative of their dedication to our safety.

Afterwards I accompanied our Navigator Lt Ray Homer and the Captain to the navigations room to make sure that our course was mapped out effectively. I am impressed with Lt Homers knowledge of the star systems throughout colonial space and beyond. He is a skilled navigator, one to match both the captain and I.

I spent most of the rest of the day with Pete and Sarah, my students, going over their studies with them. They are going to make fine colonial scientists and I look forward to watching them work once we reach unexplored space. Until then we have plenty of time to ensure all of our tools and plans are ready.

I joined the senior officers for dinner again today. Evidently this afternoon the Captain received a message from Command instructing us to pick up a negotiator when we arrive at Arim Station in two days and drop him off at a Far Trader station. The Far Traders have expressed willingness to help us wrap up the local piracy problem which is highly unusual and this negotiator whose name is confidential and not to be entered into the logs, is going to be discussing terms with them regarding their assistance. The Far Traders are a very stubborn people and generally only trade with certain stations within colonial space. I do not mind him riding along with us as where we are taking him is on the way to our destination, but the captain and a few of the other officers a concerned that having this negotiator on board may put the ship at risk, should certain parties learn of his presence aboard the Stellar Hope.

Thomas Francis is very happy with the ships performance so far. Reaching Arim Station in such a short time is a feat that breaks every record. The ship has performed well and we have had not so much as a jolt in our travels.

End Log....

William Fike Log Entry 3....

Day Three

More preparation today. Spent most of it in the labs taking inventory, although this was done before our departure. I just want to be sure before we leave colonial space, which wont take very long at this speed.

At about three in the afternoon I had a very pleasant surprise. Captain Jacob Travis, the man who commanded the Colonial heavy cruiser Sun Razor during the operation to rescue myself and the other survivors of our ill fated mission so many years ago, hailed our ship as the Sun Razor passed us by only a few kilometers. He had been assigned to patrol the sector near the Arim star system and then follow us, but not so closely as to give our position away, once we pick the negotiator up. It was good to see him again, and we spent a few minutes catching up but duty called for both of us. I am happy to see he and his crew still guard colonial space and I, along with the Captain, are glad to have his assistance during what may be a potentially dangerous operation. As long as it does not interfere with our mission of exploration, I have no protest.

Tonight as I was walking the halls of the ship unable to sleep once more, I finally met Sgt Issac Howard. He is a gruff looking soldier with a long scar reaching from his left ear down to the right side of his jaw. He had the look and attitude of a seasoned warrior, clearly knowledgeable in defending against a boarding attempt or a raid. He and his squad had been doing this for a decade and had seen more of their share of combat. As I spoke with him I came to find that not a single vessel under their watch had been taken, which has relieved me well enough to try and get some rest once I finish this log.

In eight short hours now, we will reach Arim Station and pick up the negotiator who again, I cannot name in this log due to his name being classified. Should the readers of this log wish to know it, that is a matter they will have to take up with Colonial Command. From their it will take us several days to reach the edge of colonial space and then we will travel to a far trader station which sits near the near the edge of the last colonial sector. After we drop him off the next few months will be spent traveling space belonging mostly to independent colonies and recently founded colonies which will someday either become independent or become apart of the Colonial Collective. A choice which for now is still theirs to make. Of course this will be the most dangerous part of our journey as this space is filled with many different factions of pirates, but before I go working myself into a worry again I shall end this log here and attempt to catch up on the sleep that I have been missing these past few days....

End Log....

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