Joshua's Kingdom

Updated on March 8, 2019
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This latest addition to HubPages was inspired by our son when he was younger, full of imagination and energy.

Once there was a child, a child called Joshua. Born to a Japanese mother and an English father. He had the curiosity of both and a very vivid imagination. To Joshua, everyday things were splendid things, that could be made more marvellous with just a spark of belief.

On the same day that Joshua was born, so was a star, on the same hour, minute, and second. This star was curious too and so wanted to visit the earth that she always shone her light upon. This was forbidden in the celestial universe, but she was never ever any good at following rules.

Stars are amazing, they can detect the spirits of all living beings. Little star was no exception, she could see the light of one spirit shining brighter than any she had seen before. So Stella (as we will call her, as star names are far too long, and very difficult to pronounce in any language) decided to travel there.

Joshua was quick to walk, and quick to talk, so at the age of three, he was a huge bundle of responsibility to his parents. Nevertheless, they did what they could, and they were a happy family. Outside, in the darkened sky and through the slightly open curtains, Stella watched, and felt just as excited as they were.

Stella, the inquisitive star, visit's Joshua's home.
Stella, the inquisitive star, visit's Joshua's home. | Source

Now we know that a star hanging about especially hovering close to the ground would be a bit difficult not to notice. Stella thought this too, so decided to transform. She wanted to change into something cute and adorable. An animal that no human could resist, especially a little boy. So she chose a cat, or more precise, a little kitten, in the gorgeous colour of ginger.

When the front door of the house opened, she used her enormous charm, and was soon loved as part of the family. She never went anywhere without Joshua.

Joshua's imagination grew stronger, and with Stella's help the imagination became even more so vivid. So vivid it became a parallel world. However, he did not escape into this world, he lived in it at the same time as he lived in the real world.

Joshua's Car
Joshua's Car | Source

So when he was pedalling his toy car, or strapped in the seat of his parents' sedan he was also in his pumpkin styled gilt laced carriage pulled by his proud and majestic strawberry roan mare.

Joshua's Carriage
Joshua's Carriage | Source

When he went into his back garden he also entered the landscaped gardens of his glorious kingdom, florally blanketed with seasonal shrubs, flowers, and trees of every variety.

Joshua's Garden
Joshua's Garden | Source
Joshua's Palace Garden
Joshua's Palace Garden | Source

When he ate breakfast, lunch or his evening meal, he was also eating in the great halls of the palace, with polished plate settings laid on long hand woven linen tablecloth inlaid with scenic exotic locations.

Joshua's meal time
Joshua's meal time | Source
Joshua's Banquet
Joshua's Banquet | Source

Even his parents, who humbly went to work in normal employment, were also the King and Queen, and when Joshua used his potty it gloriously transforms into a jewel encrusted throne, of which he sits on as son and heir of Joshua's Kingdom.

Joshua's Potty
Joshua's Potty
Joshua's Throne
Joshua's Throne | Source


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