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You will know me! Soon or maybe later cant really decide now.

My dearest Abena,

I do not know why you still insist that we use letter writing as our only form of communication, it is the year 2022 and there are so many ways we could keep in touch. I could call, text or even email you. But as you mentioned in your last letter, writing to me feels exactly like having me close to you whispering the words into your ears, so I will endeavor to write to you everyday, anything to make you happy my dearest Abena.

Now to the question you asked me in your last letter, "Do you have a church that you go to"?, I am afraid to tell you that I do not attend any church at the moment, and I honestly do not see myself doing so in the near future. Don't be surprised my dearest Abena, I used to be a staunch Christian and a church goer some few years back. Church was like a holy sanctuary to me and I shunned everyone I knew, that neither go to church or do not believe in God. Heaven was the goal my dearest Abena, I clung to the teachings of both the church and Bible and held on tight to them like the drawstrings of a woman's corset.

Then one day the Most Reverend Pastor Ogya mframa, head pastor of Jesus Saves Ministry announced that there was going to be a very big crusade, a crusade of such renounce that the whole world will be compelled to attend. Oh! I was excited my dearest Abena, I had been a member of Jesus Saves Ministry for so long and yet, I have never fell under the anointing. I have also been bounced by the American embassy more times that I could count, but I always took my passport for prayers, I always bought bottles and bottles of holy water to sprinkle over my passport anytime I had an appointment at the embassy. My dearest Abena, I felt it in my bones, this was my time! I had seen it being done for so many people, testimonies upon testimonies, I had fasted and prayed and I was sure that the Crusade was my answer.

I bought new shirt for the event, ironed it carefully I had a front row and I was so happy for myself because I was sure that I was going to be noticed today. Most Reverend Pastor Ogya Mframa was a good 30mins late to the crusade, but it didnt matter, the most important thing was that he came. First wave of intense prayers and tongues speaking started, the atmosphere was charged.

When it got to the part where the Most Reverend had allocated for miracles and testimonies, I grew more excited my dear Abena, I nearly tripped on my feet trying to get closer to the raised platform where the miracles were happening. Most Reverend healed the crippled, the blind, the deaf, people with unexplained medical problems and in my haste to get in line, passport in hand, and a lot of faith in my heart, I bumped into neighbor my Aunty Yaa. I was confused, when I was leaving home I saw Aunty Yaa, and I have known for a while now, why is she here holding a walking stick and being walked to the platform by a young man, could it be between the time I left home and got here something happened to Aunty Yaa?

So my Dearest Abena you see where I am going with this, I looked up further the queue and I realized that I recognize most of the people lined up. My neighbor, that usher in the church, the barber who has a tiny shop located a street away from house, the man who is in charge of the public restroom, at this point my mouth was hanged open because they were all here with one kind of physical disability or the other and the Most Reverend was "healing" them. I suddenly walked out from the queue because I couldn't fathom what was going on, and didn't stop till I got home.

The next day I saw my neighbor Aunty Yaa hanging out her clothes and she asked me how much I was paid, to be at the crusade and what was my suppose disability. I looked confused but she somehow mistook it for lack of trust in her, so she told me that I could trust her, and that she often does these kind of job, she could introduce me to some few pastors if I was interested.

That my dearest Abena, was the last time I went to church.

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