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Jenny Was Going Home After Spending Her First Six Years in an Orphanage- Flash Fiction

I love to write flash fiction, using a moral standard to not pass judgement until you look deeper inside.


Jenny often wondered about the lady who lived across the street.

Jenny lived in an orphanage. She was left there when she was a newborn. Her mother was unmarried and only seventeen.

Jenny was a happy child. The nuns were good to her, and she knew she was loved.

It was summertime and the children were allowed to play outside, They had a merry-go-round and swings to play on.

She'd been seeing a lady across the street everyday for at least a month. The lady was beautiful with long blond hair. Jenny wondered if she lived close by, or maybe she lived in the white house across the street?

One day Jenny waved at her, and she came over to the play-yard and said," Hi, how old are you?" Jenny told her that she was six, then asked her what her name was." My name is Alice and I live across the street." She told her that she liked to watch her play. Jenny noticed her hair and remarked " You have the same color as me. " Alice told her that she'd just completed a course in medical records and was starting her new job tomorrow at St Johns hospital just up the street.

She told Jenny that she must be going, but she would be back to visit every chance she got,

Jenny ran up to her and gave her a big hug, She noticed Alice had tears in her eyes, and asked, " What is the matter? " Alice said, " Oh, I'm just emotional that's all. Bye for now. " Jenny really liked her and wondered why she got emotional.

The summer passed. Alice came to visit often. It was December and just a few days before Christmas Alice came over and asked the nuns if Jenny could go caroling with her and her boyfriend Skyler. The nuns quickly said, " Yes " Jenny was so happy. They went all over the neighborhood singing beloved Christmas carols.

Alice asked Jenny if she would like to meet her mother and father, of course she wanted to meet them.


When they arrived at Alice's parents home, her mother ran out to meet them. She wrapped Jenny in her arm's and said, " It is so good to finally meet you. "

They had a special meal prepared, then they all started looking at albums. One picture stood out to Jenny, it was Alice when she was six years old, Jenny noticed the resemblance and remarked, " You look like me. " Alice's mother spoke up saying, " I don't know where to start, but start I must."

She had Jenny come sit on her lap and told her the truth, hoping and praying she would understand and forgive them.

She told her that Alice was her mother, she and her husband Harry were her grandparents and Jenny's boyfriend Skyler was her father.

She continued to try to explain why this happened, She told her that Alice was only seventeen and I couldn't imagine her raising a child, and I was so selfish that I didn't want the responsibility either.

Tears were rolling down her face. Jenny looked around and noticed that Alice and Harry were wiping tears also. Jenny ran to her mother Alice and said " I forgive you mama, please don't cry. " About that time Skyler came from the hallway and introduced himself as her father.

They practically ran back to the orphanage, When they attempted to tell their story to the nuns, they said, " Hush, we already knew, now let's get busy packing ! "

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