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Jenny Makes New Year Resolutions: A Short Story

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


It marked Jenny’s fifth year in a row that she was non-working and spending most of her time at home. There wasn’t especially anyone around- her Mom on errands, the complex guard on duty and the complex servant busily cleaning around.

These were the three people she interacted with almost every day.

How Did She While Away Her Time?

She spent her time writing fiction, self-help books as well as blogs and articles. She wrote in other areas such as Technology, Women’s Interests, Humor, and also crafted academic guides in her original field of interest – Computer Science and Engineering.

What Were Her Main Desires?

Now it was the holiday season, and New Year was approaching. Jenny knew it was high time she made changes to her life, not just lead a mediocre life. She didn’t mean to remain stuck. She wanted freedom and release. She wanted to get a higher degree, Ph.D. in fact, in her field of expertise and marry also, although she was in her forties.

Did She Know How to Take Action?

Better late than never, she told herself. Her fiancé was waiting for her, the visa was ready, but she knew there had to be an easier way; there had to be a better way to materialize her burning desires.

She needed just a little help with a head start but no one was approaching; yet neither she knew how to initiate action.

What Did She Do Instead?

She prayed daily and recited the Holy Book often. She knew God loved her. All her little wishes were being granted to her daily. She just needed this one big desire to realize but had no lead. What could she do? How could she help herself?

Her Mom is too helpless and sinful to help her out. So she is not relying on her Mom for this.

What Was Her Fiancé Like?

She overheard her fiancé one day talking to a lady he knew, “I find her attractive every day. Today I think she looks extra attractive.” Jenny knew it was a compliment made to her.

But when she left the car and entered her world, she lost touch with him.

It was a dream of her to meet him one day and to talk to him. Yet, he could see her inside the complex all along and knew every detail about her while she was completely ignorant about him, not knowing how he looked or what his likes and dislikes were.

What Were Her New Year Resolutions?

Nevertheless, it was New Year and time for Jenny to make resolutions. Here they are:

1) God, the Almightiest, I hope and desire that I will talk to him, meet him in person and hold a conversation. If it is in your will, you will make it happen. After all, he came to my knowledge through my psychiatrist who no longer remained in contact with me.

2) Next, I dream of a higher education degree in my field of expertise abroad where I will settle with him.

3) I will marry him and have at least one child with him.

4) We will have enough funds to buy a big, beautiful mansion after my degree is over. We will live in harmony, taking care of nature and at the same time, breathing in the fresh air and sweet scents of flowers and roses around.

Pic1: A Dream Mansion

Pic1: A Dream Mansion

How Did Jenny Feel After Writing Down Her Resolutions?

With her resolutions penned down, she felt a wave of calm and relief over her. Nothing was going to come between him and her now that she has it all written down.

It was time for prayer. So she once more declared her desires to God and left them faithfully in His hands to manifest.

Jenny's Other New Year Resolutions

Her list of New Year resolutions was not over. So she sat down with her pen and notebook again, this time more confident than before.

5) After completing her Ph.D. degree, she would like to work in Academia abroad itself, interacting with students, teaching and delivering lectures and supervising theses of Masters and Ph.D. students in her field of expertise. With these students, while they researched, she would like to write publications to be approved and accepted by top journals and conferences.

6) She would like to drive a Mercedes-Benz by ordering from Germany's Daimler Chrysler company. It would be like a dream come true. She didn't know driving yet, but she could always learn to do so by taking appropriate lessons and tests at a driving learning center. She had overcome so many hassles in her life that this should be as easy as a piece of cake. So she knew if she undertook the task, she would commit to it and become adept at driving. No problems here.

7) The next on her list was losing weight. Well, she had been abroad before, and living abroad was no heaven. It was unlike home here where chauffeurs and servants did most of the work for you. Abroad there would be a whole lot of tasks on your shoulders apart from work and household chores. You got to do them by yourself and in the process, you would lose weight, becoming fit and healthy. In case, which was rare, she didn’t shed pounds, she would extra exercise and consume smaller portions of meals.

Pic2: A Dream Car

Pic2: A Dream Car


With all these points declared and marked down, Jenny knew she had a compass. She knew her wants- that was the first step, and she had all written them down. The next step would be to further break down the goals and use SMART techniques to materialize her broken-down goals. "It's not easy”, she pondered.

But starting the process with just one goal in hand, she was sure to land somewhere. “Ok”, she said, “I will start with the most convenient and doable piece of goal, and that will help me to progress fast towards my dreams!”

© 2019 Rosina S Khan

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