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Javel and Javelin

author who loves to share her children's stories with her readers!

Once Upon the Yonder Blue ...

there lived a spirit filled lion named Javel. This special animal was humble and not wild. Javel lived in the forest with his wife Javelin.

Javelin would watch her flock of baby lions. She assured they were all well fed and kept cool under a colossal redwood tree that reached heaven.

Javel the hungry lion also watched a special group of lambs that had a female leader named Lilly.

Lilly's lambs were not ordinary lambs. They danced around a dark, red cherry tree.

They sang bah and bae to glorify God Almighty.

And they touched their wool to usher in a new era...

Lilly's lambs combed their wool around the cherry tree.

They straightened their wool and removed the knots in their coats.

The knots that became straight were cut and weaved into a coat of arms.

Javel gathered Lilly's coats and placed them in his storehouse.

Javelin would hang her husband's coats on fresh crystal hangers.

And Lilly the feverish lamb would also sew a silver button on each of Javel's coated uniforms.

They all worked hard to build a palace for their Lion King.

The palace was laced with decorative white ribbons and goldenlamps.

Horses and chariots lined the court.

Music filled the air from a tree house.

Javel waited for his boss.

The Lion King came into the the courts looking for his Bride.

He pranced on his horse searching for the quietest lioness.

He examined every female lion's work and found one near his manly standard.

He lifted her left paw and looked into her lioness eyes.

They stepped danced as he placed his mane on her forhead. And they lived happily ever after working hard to keep their family joyful and filled with treasures beyond the yonder blue.

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